January 17, 2017

I Broke Out The Slow Cooker

A whole month ago, or so, we went to JCPenny's to do a little shopping for the house. I might have written about it, or not. But either way, I'm not going back to look.

We got a Bullet knock-off. That little cup blender thing. That we cracked open yesterday when my sister decided to make apple cinnamon waffles. I asked for waffles which also lead to us opening up the waffle maker too. Oh, the blender thing was to make applesauce that the waffle recipe asked for. Lucky us we had some apples. 😊

So in two days we unwrapped three things. 😊

And the slow cooker was to used to make chicken curry. 😊 It came out well. My sister on the other think that it should have been a bit spicier and blamed the sweet potato, but not until I told her it was in there. I told her that I made the recipe just like how they told me to, but just now I remember that they asked for cayenne pepper, but I didn't have any so I used paprika instead. I had some peppers in the fridge that I just remembered that I could have used in its place.

Oh well, next time. I don't miss the heat. I was never one for very spicy food. Despite what people think, not everyone from the Caribbean lives on Scotch bonnets. Those are those small round wrinkly peppers. I'll get you a pic.

Sorry. no pics of my plate tonight. I started it late, for a slow cooker, so when it was done, I just ate. I had some leftover rice and I fried that up in my non-stick copper frying pan. Yeah, we did a lot of shopping now that we didn't have people to pay back for the funeral.

Along with the little bit rice, we had naan bread. Don't even think that I made them. Those are things you buy unless you grew up making it. I found out about naan bread after 2007 I think and I've loved them ever since. 😄

This entry is going to be short and sweet... now I remember something. The girl I babysit? She was actually sick today. I didn't know. I wasn't told until tonight. I jumped up out of bed and the light sleep I had nodded into to get dressed and get downstairs to wait for the bus.

But as I headed down the stairs with the trash, I heard tv noises coming from upstairs. So I went down and got rid of the trash then thought about it. It was too late. The bus should have woken me up. Someone had to have been upstairs. So I went in and up and up again to stand outside their door. Yep. The tv was on. Ok.

So when I went back in I cleaned up, set up the curry and then cleaned the bathroom. I'm always surprised when I do something like, bending over the tub for a while scrubbing it down and my back doesn't feel like it's breaking with the effort. Like it did years ago which got me to the lovely weight I am now.

Until I started those 3-month birth control shots, I was one weight for years. The shots caused me to gain weight, then weakened my bones so I almost broke my back, then the recovery took years because I didn't know it was the shots and I was still taking them.

Now, I'm almost as good as new now. But sweeping still hurts for some reason. :shrug:

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