January 03, 2017

I haven't really been avoiding you.

I kept telling myself that I should be writing up something for almost every day this past week, but I seem to end up playing games on facebook, via their new downloadable app, or just sleeping my way through the pain that is my cycle. See? Good excuses. 😊

Now to remember what happened this week.

I can't think of anything from the start of the week. In fact, I may have written that bit down for all I know. Well you know I was stuck with the child from upstairs this past week for the whole day. Oh, we were suppose to go to laundry on Tuesday, I think, but we were rained in.

Then on Wednesday I took the girl with me to meet my niece who was going to spend the night/two days with us. Kinda. I had wanted her to show up for Tuesday so I could take her to the movies, but I had the girl and she can't see what we would have seen.

My sister ended up getting an air bed for her at like 9pm that night. She was going to sleep on the couch, but my sister said that it was too uncomfortable and that she may stay more than one night. She did end up staying one more night. But not because things were hopping over here. She just thought it was too cold to leave the shelter of the house to head home. That was her major complaint about NJ. So much colder than where she came from. She also felt the lack of people around. I told her next time to come over during the weekend and at least she would have her other aunt home to take her places.

I have next to no money, and she likes to spend on her family a little more than I do. But granted this one is different.

I didn't have the girl from upstairs on Friday. Her mom had the day off and the same for today, Monday. So for those two days and off and on during the weekend, she, the child, has been riding her scooter over our heads. Repeatedly. Loudly. But I've been able to not call upstairs and tell her to knock it off since the day she got it. Christmas. That day I did tell her to take it outside.

I got my fractal problem mostly under control but I seem to have lost my fast rendering ability in the process. I had to downgrade from my 64 bit version to a 36 bit version so I could use the plug-ins that I needed. So now my 5400 x 3500 sized renders are taking over 3 hours to make, when before I only needed 30 mins for the same size at the most so far.

My sister ordered pizza and some wings to tide her over for the long weekend. I would have food, or prepped food there and she wouldn't crawl out of bed to head it up in a pot or pan, and far less make. Once I use to ask her to make some eggs and that she would do. But mostly she just stays in bed. and since she had long days, mostly on her feet all week, I don't blame her, but sometimes it makes me wonder.

I got one pizza and some fries, but everything from the pizza place was wrong. She called to have her stuff replaced, and they did bring her new stuff free, but she actually thought that it was going to be an exchange. I knew it wouldn't take that back. It was out of their possession too long. They aren't built to trust people like that.

 I ended up heating up and eating leftovers from the week. Rice with veggies, gravy. Red gravy. Not this white or gray stuff Americans think of as gravy. And egg whites. I think I'm going to finish them up in the next hour. I haven't really eaten much and I already explained why a few posts back.

Anything else to say? I think I did during the week, but they have already faded from memory. Or they seem too small to bother talking about.

I used facebook. That is actually something. I left a few comments. Talked with four people. And wished two of them a happy birthday. One was after Christmas, and one was on New Years. Before I got this new computer it was maybe once a week or two weeks visit for me to facebook if you were lucky. But now, with Win 10, it just pops up and let me know stuff. But I don't have many people on my friend's list so I don't get bugged that often. :)

When my niece left to head home on Friday, we opened the bed to have it deflate while we were gone, but it wasn't rolled up and put away until this morning around 2am. Right after I did a dictation for my sister. She refuses to type anything. It was for work and she would have me do it for her every time. She doesn't like texting and would rather call me and even though she's on facebook far more than I am, she just reposts what she see and doesn't really type anything there either.

Oh, I haven't forgotten about writing up what I think about the John Carter of Mars 7 book set.

I may do it this week.I'm not that happy with the newest book I've started to read in the set. The fourth book, Thuvia, Maid Of Mars, ended abruptly. So I'm left trying to get my head around how it could end that way and start something abit more removed from that. I haven't given it much time, so the more I read, the more I might like it.

I think that's it. Later.

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