January 30, 2017

It came out very well...

… even though it took longer than I would have liked. To make sure I didn't burn anything, or under cooked anything, the squash was baked in a different dish than the carrots and sunchokes. 😊


That odd looking white thing, that looks much better in person, is poached fish with onions and sweet pepper.


I was so tired when I started cooking at 6:30 this afternoon. Not that I did anything really, I just didn't go to sleep until 2 pm and even then I was woken up at 2:30pm by a call back and that kept me up until after 3pm. Lucky, lucky me the girl's aunt was home today. So I got about 3 hours sleep maybe before I dragged my protesting body into the kitchen to make dinner for my sister.


She liked it to by the way. I wonder if I go to sleep now, would she get out of bed and put up the rest of the food? Lucky me, that if she doesn't and I wake back up before sunrise, it will all still be ok because of how cold this place gets.


I still have to scan some documents and email them to someone tonight along with an email that helps them to understand what I was trying to say when they woke me up.


I'm fighting to stay awake now. But by the time I was done cooking, I had to eat, and now I'm crashing again. What time is it?


It's way later than I thought. No wonder my body is fighting me back this much.


Oh, on the upside, my photo that I posted before I tried to go to sleep today is doing very well on DA. Check out the slide show to the left.




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