January 17, 2017

There is tuna in there

That was dinner today. I was suppose to just heat up the curry from yesterday, but I had some for lunch and didn't think there was enough left for dinner, so I gave my sister and option. But I think because she had the curry for lunch she took some salad.

Now in this bowl is a lot of raw things that I grated and pressed before adding the pasta, mayo and tuna. Red cabbage, red sweet pepper, grated brussel sprouts and some celery. The corn and sweet peas were frozen, so I tossed them into the pot of pasta near the end. It was a bag of mixed things, so I think there are some snap peas in there too. Oh, and fresh pressed garlic. You should have some fresh raw garlic each day somehow. Well if not raw, as close to raw as you can.😊

It was good. I'm not running back for seconds like I normally would be doing because I actually had lunch today. 😊

In fact, I think I had three square meals today. Yeah. That happened in ages. 

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