January 14, 2017

This is what happened Wednesday.

I unexpectedly paid $24 for a ride that traveled the distance of 2.4 miles that is on average is 8 mins long.

How may you ask? I booked the wrong Uber. That's how. It was the second time I've used the app ever and I think they changed it since I last used it, and I didn't know what black was.

So after I got home and looked over the app and tried to understand what I did wrong, it all seems so simple and clear now.

I went to do the wash on Wednesday because the child's father was here. I had a bit of a back log, so I decided to get an Uber and do a lot of it at once.

I woke up later than I would have liked, but since I've been going to sleep after sunrise, how early could I get up? Anyway, I was too wiped to stay up when my alarm first went off. So I didn't leave until around sunset. Which at this time of the year is between 4:30 and 5:15 or so.

I did kinda ask why this big thing came to pick me up instead of a car. I had told myself not to get an Uber XL because it was just me and three bags of wash. But he told that I what I got, and here it comes, Uber Black could be a car or a mini van.

I know, all of you who have taken Uber know what I just did, but I didn't. I didn't even know until I tried to get an Uber home. But not even that went well for me

I had my phone next to me all day while I slept and didn't put it charge since I was suppose to leave like 5 hours earlier than I actually did. So at one point, around 8 pm or I realized that all my music playing has put my phone in battery save mode because it was almost dead. So I stopped playing my streaming music and thought my phone would stay until I was able to book my ride home.

I was finishing up my last load, I had 4 in all because I had to separate my sister's sheets and comforter into two loads and it takes a long time to fold queen sized sheets all by yourself. So I'm checking the time every twenty minutes because I wanted to be finished before the buffet closed next door at 9:30 since I clearly didn't cook. But my phone's screen stayed black when I pressed the side button. But I told myself not to panic and to just finish up the last bits and pack it up and then worry about how I was gong to get home.

I may not have been freaking out but I was going over what I could or couldn't do. I didn't know my sister's number, I didn't know anyone's number. But who really knows anyone's number these days when you see it once when you enter it into your address book and from then on you see the name of the person as you dial them or they call you? So even if I found someone willing to let me call home I wouldn't know the number. So I had to hope to get someone who was willing to call me a cab, which I could pay for, or order me an Uber on their app and I pay them for it.

So by the time I had everything packed up I was sure I wasn't going to be walking home in a skirt in 30-degree weather. And leaving my wash behind to pick up the next day. So my first stop was the Spanish speaking attendants to find out if they had my kind of charger back there. Oddly, enough they did. They first told me that they didn't because they may have thought that I would have an iPhone. But I don't. I have a window's phone. And an older one at that.

So I stood there, after I thanked them, until it was charged enough to turn on. The first thing I did was call my sister and let her know where I was and that I was going to get an Uber afterward that call to come home. She had ordered pizza. Which is good because next door was already closed.

Now I tried to get and Uber and the first thing I see is the price. I was expecting $8 not $24. So I'm reviewing this ride and my phone cuts out on me and I had to leave it alone as it built back up a charge to turn back on again. So I realize at this point that the plug wasn't all the way or it wasn't very good. So I left it sitting on the counter as I now texted my sister, once it was up again, and asked her to send and Uber for me. But then it cut out of that. Great. So I unplugged it and plugged it in again and waited for it to come back and be one again for a while.

Then I called my sister and asked her to call me one since my phone was acting up. She laughed and said sure. She then sent me a screen shot so I knew what the license plate would of the guy picking me up. My phone didn't cut out again, but it did start to rain. And not just some drizzle. It was a downpour.

So the car came, the driver helped me load the wash into the trunk, thank goodness, and as I close my door, I started to ask him about what was an Uber Black. When I heard all that, I then said that the guy who picked me up should have helped me load up the car then. We talked all the way there. It was only an 8 min ride. When I got home, he helped me again and even got my small little bag that I had forgotten in his trunk.

Now I'm slowly pulling two bags up the steps along with the smaller bag of rice and stuff that I got at the discount store and the bag of detergent and dryer sheets and bottles of other things, when my sister has to squeeze past me to get the pizza that showed up behind me. I had rung the bell when I got there for two reasons.

One, for her to know what it sounded like, since I wasn't sure she did. And two, to help take the wash up. I don't even take the wash down. I throw the bags down the stairs and I walk down with the detergents and such. I gave her the biggest bag, that had her work clothes in it, and it was when she put that down upstairs, after she complained about it being wet, that she got the call that the pizza person was downstairs.

So she was stuck behind me as I lifted the bags up on each step and took the stairs one step at a time. Over pizza, I told her of how my day went.

That's it. This took way too long. It didn't help that I almost feel asleep like 5 times and I have to be up at 'early' to go to Costco today and it's already 4:30am.


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