March 12, 2017

Up and about today.

I got about 4-ish hours of sleep but when I got up this morning I just stayed up. Then I got ready to go with my brother to the Magic The Gathering Tournament for the last day just to see something of it.

There isn't much stuff to buy outside of the cards, which makes sense. But every booth but two artist booths did nothing but buy, sell and trade cards. Some cards were being sold as cheaply as $1 or $2 and as expensive as $500.

I posted a pic of my brother loosing over on my facebook. I know, I should have sent it here,
Sorry, but it wasn't much.

Then I got home and I saw that I got a note from this one person over in DA. She liked an old piece of mine and then shared it on Twitter. Great. :) I thanked her and posted it on my facebook :)

Now I'm falling asleep at my desk.


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