June 10, 2017

Hello Again

I was suppose to send you pics of my latest shopping spree yesterday, but I was just so tired. I tried to go to Victoria Secret, but I walked in the wrong direction and ended up at Lane Bryant instead. I went in looking for a skirt and got two instead. While I mostly struggled to move my tired and aching body, I saw their little add in the stall for their bras. Which is why I was headed to Victoria Secret for in the first place. I so need new bras.

I haven't a clue how much the ones I have cost when they were first bought, but I do know that my sister pays a bit for her's. I ended up paying about $40 for two bras and they aren't even pretty ones. But they fit and support me. The two skirts came up to about $30 also. They were on clearance at true BOGO. So I was charged for the most expensive one and got the other one "free".

I've come to learn ab few things over the years about the true cost of things, so most of the times I've reasoned my way out of paying for things that I know shouldn't cost as much as they do. But I'm also aware that this isn't where it ends. Salaries and logistics and brick and mortar rent have to be paid too. So I sucked it up and bought my first bra in over 10 years that I can remember paying for myself. I no longer have that bra btw. The ones I currently have, which need replacing, were bought by my mom and my sister.

Anyway, after paying for the lot with someone other than the person that helped me, I was reminded to sign up to get their card to save $25 on the lot. since the total came up to more than I thought it would, I agreed. then I left the store. I walked over to the massage people to get the heated pad that is also one part aromatherapy. I didn't care about that part, but after sitting there for about 5 mins with two different sized ones on both my knees I gave him my card, I can't soak in hot water that much or for as long as I would like, so this was my compromise. I know, I could just have gotten it online, but I felt like getting it from them since I did go and buy the pulse massager on line.

He sold it to me for $30 and I got a 10 min aqua massage. It hurt on my legs, but I think it helped. it was a little odd in there. It's like this long clam shaped thing that you lay down. after you are in position, laying down on your front, it closes and jets of warm/hot water hit you from the other side of this plastic bag barrier as it slowly moves up and down your body. Like I said it hurt when it was pounding away at the back of my legs, but it just felt odd when it went over my butt and nothing really once it got to my back. That isn't to saw the force diminished, it didn't, but my back was fine. There was nothing there to work out, unkink or loosen up. But on the third pass, I figured it might be working on working out bits I couldn't feel yet.

It didn't seem that long, but I think I was starting to nod off too. When I tried to get up, he "attacked me" with a big messaging tool. I wasn't really sure what was going on for a few seconds, then I was just fighting the feeling until I heard, somehow, that I could tell him to stop. I really wanted him to put that thing on my legs. He can't seem to remember that my back is fine. Pain-free and all that.

but once I was done and actually leaving, I turned back and asked him about the aqua massage. This is when I found out it was only 10 mins long and had not a bad price of $16. I think I may go for that again after at least one of my shifts.

From there I had a small detour to the bathroom, then went to the bus stop and got there just as the 24B started boarding and without waiting, I got the 107 to take me up the side of the park when I wasn't even going to wait for it.

Now I'm typing with one hand because I hurt my finger tips again at work. Oh, almost forgot. Two things really. One, I'm employee of the month. For last month since this one just started. Instead of just saying that I was doing a good job in the fitting room, they read a survey that said how well they were taken of in the fitting room. From Memorial Day. I did work that day, but I did say because I was trying not to bust from blushing and having my face crack from smiling too much. I'm sure I didn't look that way to anyone else there, but they all clapped and the closest ones congratulated me. :) That was in the meeting just before we open the store. We have two meetings a day. Opening and closing. I think. very few times have I been there for closing.

The next thing is that I slipped in my shoes when I took a turn and bent down to pick up a hanger that someone had dropped outside a room. I feel forward and crashed into the wall really hard. I stood for a moment holding the side of my head as people asked me if I was ok. It hurt, but after a few seconds I told them that I was fine and went back to what I was doing. I'm pretty sure this happened before my lunch break.

Wednesday I just had a Jamba juice. On Thursday I had a Jamba juice with some veggie fried rice that had a lot of veggies in it, and yesterday I went to Applebee's and got my usual. Now with sweet potato fries. Now to get them to not put any salt on them.

Ok. Time for me to go. I'm getting braids. My sister is doing my hair later. Yep. spending more money.


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