June 25, 2017

The F@*&$*$% 👹

I can't seem to go out today. Yesterday I somehow hurt the right side of my back. So I was grateful that it was mostly better by the time I realm started to get ready to go to Manhattan.

I had gotten some Bluetooth headset about two weeks back if not one and they are worthless, so I was going to return them. I no longer had the receipt but I wanted them gone. I tried looking for a record of the transaction on my bank receipt to prove that I got it from them, but I couldn't. But I was still ready and willing to throw it back at them. Then I stood ready to leave and realized that it wasn't worth the path train fare and time since I was walking around with a cut under my toe and my knee pain was enjoying my drug free blood stream at the moment.

So I decided to come down yo Penn to get my buss pass for next month and then go to ShopRite for some milk and maybe some other things, but nothing much since I was taking the bus home.

So, I walk up the hill and my whole right side, from cut through knee and back pain hurts until I get to level ground.

I didn't have to wait too long for a bus which was good because it is hot out, but the shade feels great. Anyway, we reach downtown and I realize that I couldn't find the receipt because I thought I bought it in NYC, but I got it here in Jersey and I did see the record. So I considered myself lucky not to have gone to NYC after all.

I get to Penn and I walk right up to the teller and before I even reach for my card I realized that I didn't have it. It was home in my skirt pocket. So as I cursed myself out, I made a u turn and went back out to catch the same bus I just got off of. It was gone, but the next one was going to be by in 9 mins.

I'm on that bus now going back home for my Paycard and the headset. That may be the sliver lining in all this.


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