June 03, 2017


Yeah, I was gone a bit longer than I intended.

So, where was I? Yeah, the massage people in the mall. It was during my 30 min break. I went and got a Jamba Juice and I was heading back to work to read when I realized that I should just go and see what they had that might help me and my knees. I know most of my issues are from muscles and ligaments being used without much rest or relief.

I already seemed to have proved to myself that the numbness that occurred from my Icey Hot incident could be due to some kind of reaction that I had to the chemicals and not the pulled muscle that just about crippled me for a day. Yeah, I was at work the next day after taking one day off for a pulled muscle/ligament. I told you no rest. I can still feel it now a month later if I stretch a certain way.

Anyway, my knees needed help and I didn't want to hear how it could be fluid from spinal disks that could have gotten damaged over 15 years ago. So I went looking for a massager. I was first shown this big one, at $145 or so. He went through the whole sales pitch in one fluid and fast motion with demonstrations on my body that showed he has been at this job so long that he doesn't bother preparing a customer for the assault of jiggles from the device. I had on a slightly shorter skirt today and he crouched down there running it over my knee and having me place my foot on the unit, to help show how it helped tired feet. It happened so quickly, that I didn't realize until hours later that I did nothing to make sure he didn't see up my skirt.

I didn't have and didn't want to spend $145, no matter how good it might have felt. So I asked if he had anything else. He then showed me one of those electrode pulse things that were attached to something as small as an iPod. He put two of them on around my knee and left me to play with it for a few mins. Then he swooped down on me and wrapped this soft heated thing around my knee. He didn't try to lift my skirt so I had to hold it in place.

I was liking this setup. He was even going to reduce the price for me since I worked at the mall to $115 for the pulse thing. That was still about $60 more than I wanted or even could spend. So I told him that I'll have to think about since it was time for me to go back to work. What really bugged me was how he produced a chart that showed where to place the electrodes to help with what ales you, and I can see how having this is needed for someone doing it at home on their own, but the words he used rubbed me the wrong way.

So I get up to leave and that knee did indeed feel better, so much so that I was only feeling pain from my other knee that hadn't really been bugging me at all for the day. Like now that the worst pain in my body has been quieted, I can now hear the other 'squeaky wheels'. :)

I was very surprised and pleased and it made me now really consider getting it. But as I walked the pain started to come back a little, but since I only had it on for like 5-10 mins, I shouldn't have expected it to cure me, but it did lessen the pain overall. Even when I ended my last post to get off the bus to go buy some somethings at Stop & Shop, that knee was fine. I stood up almost normally and stepping down and out of the bus hurt my other knee instead.

So after getting an Uber pool to get me home since I wasn't walking up a hill with groceries and finding that my knees didn't bend the other way that well, and wishing that I had it to 'treat' the back of my knee now that I was home. I looked up how much they were going for online.

Yes, I got one online. The price is $39 and it will be here in 3-5 days. That is the only setback. No instant use. But for a savings of about $100, I'll take it.

Did I tell you that I was wearing my hand brace again? Yep. It's such a pain to type. With or without it on.

Don't know what else to say, so I guess this post is over. :)


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