October 29, 2010

Part of my day as told to a friend.

My day didn't start out that well. I seemed to have picked the worst moment to go to the subway. I don't carry cash with me, I use my debit card to pay for most of my things including my metro card. I walk up to my subway stop later than I wanted, and the card machine says "cash only". I hang my head, walk back the way I came for about a block to another subway to use their machines. My card got rejected 4 times before they all started saying "cash only". Great. I had to go to the bank now.

Now it's 30 mins later. Now I have to walk a city block and cross 5 lanes to get to the bank then walk back. Now during all this my throat is burning because I took some pills well after I ate breakfast. That lasts until I was in school for 30 mins.

I was trying to go to school early because I didn't do the last page of my homework. So when I got to school 10 before 6, I went right to the library and drew until about 20 or so past 6. Class started at 6:15. Then what does he do after talking too much again. He tells us to start again.


I'm just giving what I have more detail and space them better.

Have you seen Black Butler?

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