October 16, 2010



I have a sore throat, runny and stopped up nose, headache and sinus pains with a fever. And It's my cycle time.

Last night my head hurt so bad that I couldn't type a review for a story that took me two days to read and it wasn't that long.

I just took a shower to see if it would make me feel any better when I realized that it got better for a little bit after taking a bath, is because of the steam. I'm not sure how well that is working right now. Maybe it's too early in the sickness to start feeling better, but I have to go to school on Monday.

Last night my sister came into my room and insisted that my window was open. So she made her way past newly moved items and tried to close it. She said it was open, but I still say it was closed. Either way, she saw our cat just sitting outside the window on the ground. So she made me, the sick slow one, go to her room and call the cat in side. it only got so far before she showed up next to me opening a can of vennia sausages next to my face cause it to run to us a little faster. Since it was like 5 or so feet down to the ground, I left the window and told my very young and very skinny niece to go get the cat.

Then my sister in all her wisdom said I had to clean the cat. It was now dirty and she would die from the dirt it now had on it. Then as she continued to talk, complane really. She hardly just talks. She said that it would take three people to clean the cat. We just about never clean the cat. One person to hold the back legs/claws, one person to hold the first legs/claws, and one person to actually wash the cat, and hold her mouth.

My niece got the back legs, and let go a number of times. That resulted in the person holding the head to let go for some reason, which is the complaining sister, leave me, the slow one, to get bit and clawed. I have to puncher wounds on the back of my hand now. My sister some how rubbed down the cat with shampoo while it was staying still waiting for us to open the bathroom door. Then I picked it up and worked out a way to hold it still enough for her wash out the shampoo.

The rest of my time was just me in bed, with head ache and sinus pain.

How about you?

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