October 15, 2010

*sniff, sniff*

On Wednesday I was good. I was the second person to finish the exam. I hung around and helped the teacher make a copy of the exam so he could compare what he got with ours so he could see who did it right.

I only made one mistake, so I got an A. The girl who finished before me got an B. She made a few mistakes.

My cycle started yesterday so that was the start of bad things, but other than that, I got some good snacks, I talked to my friend who is having a hard time and he knows I'm here for him and I spent about $8 to use a bathroom. I had to use a bathroom and I was passing a Subway at the time. But I had to be a customer to use it, so I got a sandwich first. Fine.

I got a good dinner, you know about my A, I texted it in, and I had my snap peas snacks along with some mixed root veggie chips. Everything went south when I went to bed.

I woke up with a scratchy throat and my nose felt funny. I stayed in bed as long as I could on Thursday until I had to go in for my class. I was suppose to draw, but when I was still feeling good about my day, the day before, I fixed up and uploaded a new chapter of Inuyasha last night to FF.

Before I left the apt I saw that my go between on my phone and ear buds had broken, then I walked outside and into rain. I missed my first train by like 2 mins. The only good thing about that was that I got time to do some of my drawing. Oh, did I mention that I was running late too?

Lucky me when I got there, the teacher wasn't there either. I finished up my drawing. Got my copies made and was one of the first to pin them up. Then my 'cold' got worst. I start to feel like I had a fever, my throat started to really bother me, and the teacher babbled on for over an hour. I know that he was trying to tell us something, but he was shouting to us from across a river, telling us about a bridge that we couldn't really see with out really talking in a way we could understand. He tired, but he didn't really get there.

I thought that I started to nail him down and find out what on earth he was talking about, but he still somehow got out of it. He finally got down to actually going over our pin ups. He didn't even want to, but after we made it clear that we wanted him to tell us how we each did, he did it around 8:30.

I think I was of two maybe that really did what we were suppose to.

Now we have a new project. Design a dug out canoe from a tree that grows in parks in NYC.

I was trying to write for a while, then I played a game as I ate something. I fell asleep earlier and work up just after 1am to wake up my mom. I took Benadryl because the bumps came back. I really think that I'm getting hives from mosquito bites. I just need one bite and I break out. I took Dayquil for my cold, which is my nose and fever. I then took some garlic pills with dinner and I realized I had too much inside of me. So I waited until most of it was out of my system, now I feel like going back to bed. But I had to blog since I needed too.

I'm going to take a Halls and lay down until I fall asleep. I like having ABC and NBC on demand. It gave me something to watch this early in the day.


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