October 01, 2010

What does Vanity plate 7N78 on cash cab mean?

What does Vanity plate 7N78 on cash cab mean?

Yes, I know I'm late, but I just saw this ep on tv and decided to look it up.

Other than that I woke up feeling bad.

All those other nights when I thought I was winning against the mosquito invasion that seemed to only like my blood to find out that it was strategic retreat. I woke with my half my back swollen and my lips itched and swelled not to long afterwards. I had Nika put on the last of Bactine but it didn't really stop the itching for while. I took some tylenol to help with something. I don't know if it was for the itching pain or what. I also ate some granola cereal until I didn't want anymore then my sister came back and I sent her to get me some cream or something and she pointed out that my face looked a little puffy. So she went back out, talked to the pharmacist and he said that it sounded like I was having an allergic reaction and gave her some Benadril for me and she also got some itch lotion.

The pharmacist told her that if I wasn't better after a few hours or something I should go to the hospital. Even if I wasn't felling better I couldn't go since I don't have insurance. I need to try and fix that this week. By the way, not feeling that much better. I have to Reapply to Healthfirst so I can be covered again and go see my 'doctor' that is across the street from my school. Yeah, lucky me.

I took the beadril and now I feel nauseous. Somehow I was able to still write at least a page of my new chapter,turn over my bed, changed my sheets and pushed down some trash into a bag so Nika could take it out. It was mostly some 'old' pillows. My bed looks great and I've bagged up all my clothes and sheets to be washed. I plan on doing that tomorrow. Jhodie and Mom are back this sunday so Phillys is getting some of her take out this weekend and I will have a few things done before they get back. I have to finish cleaning, hanh a shower curtain and wash what I have to watch.

Well got to go again. My sister is sending me to the next door lady to ask her if she has a lime she can spear. I don't even think that she has any, but Philly won't go because she doesn't want to talk to her, so she is sending me. Do I want to talk to her?


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