October 04, 2010

Well They Are Back

They made it to apt just I got back from the laundromat with my last set of clothes.

Phillys lost it when I told her that I was going to wash and since she didn't have her things ready I wasn't going to wash them for her.

She is a pain. I was just going to wash what little I had, the sheets off my bed and Nika's uniforms. This girl, Phillys, saves up and washes everything she owns one time. Last week I washed every bit of clothing that she wore outside of work but the bit she had on. Today I had like 5 sets of sheets and everyone of her 10-15 sets of scrubs. Oh, I might not have said that she's a dental assistant. A good one from what I hear.

Either which way, I fought to get washer and dryers for all out stuff and I was there for over 3 hours. I left at 5pm but I didn't get back until after 8 I'm sure. As I'm walking down the sidewalk with the last of clothes that were all Phillys' I saw mom taking luggage into the house and I felt rain coming down on me. Great right?

Now the place has gone back to being too small for 5 people. What was left of my floor space is now taken up by two suitcases.

Before I left, yes I'm back tracking, I got an e-mail from a girl that I agreed to help co write a story with. It's a yaoi Harry Potter Fanfic. Now, 2 months after I said yes, she sends me the first chapter that was just a little bit more than one page. She said that the first chapter is always short and she is kinda right. I forget at times, but I have seen it in my work too. So I let that pass. I looked it over, fixed it. Saved it with a proper name and sent some feed back to her. I'm done with it, but to make sure I didn't miss much I'm going to read it again later when I'm a bit more awake.

I even got around to doing some work on my new chapter. I got about a page and half in. I think I stopped at a point where I can change the POV, but I'm not sure yet. My little project of having other people help me look over the story went down hill. It took some time, but over all, people got busy and they couldn't spear the time. That ofcourse makes me feel left out even though I understand, but I'm still left out.

So when I'm done with the story, in like 4 more chapters or so, I'll post it in two places. Deviantart and Scribd. I think I have I have a link to both places. I'm doing it in two places, because unless you have an account over at Deviantart, you won't be able to see it because of the warning I have to place on it. I'm sure you can look at anything you want on Scribd. It will only bug you if you hit something that someone want you to pay to read. Which I am not doing.

Oh, I also have my Inuyasha FanFic at Scribd too.

Ok, it's 4:34, I've put up the food that my sister made. I told her to add some veggies to her cooking and she seemed to have taken me up on it. She made some chicken pot pies. Anyway I feel ready for bed and I need to think of a few things for school. Yeah, I think alot. I'll see how my thinking works out... yeah I'm tired.


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