January 24, 2011

Branching Out… kinda

For the first time ever, I’ve started a forum. I kinda didn’t want to for a long time because, “Build it and they will come.” isn’t as true as they would have believe and I hate failing.

Either way, I did it now because of a light requirement. AFF currently doesn’t have a “reply” button for any reviews that I’m given to any of their stories. For those people who gave me an e-mail address I sent them an e-mail to thank them and answer their questions and such, but for those that didn’t give me a way to reach them, I left a comment on my review page for them and anyone who might have had the same impression or concern.

But yesterday, or was it the day before, I got a letter from AFF. They said that I couldn’t do that. Something about inflating my review count. So the question is how I talk back to my reviewers? The answer was a forum. So I got one.

Fullscreen capture 1242011 74705 AM.bmp

As you can see, if you followed me around, I’m using the the same Avatar that I have over at FF.

Well I did and it’s nice on that side of the fence of AFF. There I saw that a post that changes were on their way to the story side and that AFF and FF aren’t related like I, and a lot of people, thought. AFF was made to have no restrictions. You can be as adult or G rated as you wanted. At FF you only get G – PG15 kinda. We still post what you would call NC-17 – XX. I heard that those that go caught go booted, but I never saw it happen.

Anyway, I have two threads now. If that is what you call them. One is the feedback of my on going story, and the other one is to promote one of my other stories that I have on there. I got a good amount of hits for it, but no reviews. None. Over 5000 hits and no reviews and votes. they have a voting system. So even if you don’t feel like talking, typing, you could give stars for how well you liked it. But none. I only have one to get it started. But it didn’t. Sad smile 

So I’m hoping this forum helps with that. If it does, then I’ll put one up for each of my others.

Shifting gears.

I feel tired now. I thought that I could make it until after I went for my doctor’s apartment.

Yes I’m going. I have an appointment with an allergy doctor today at 11am. I was told not to take any meds so that when they do tests on me they could find out what was setting me off.

Either way, I was able to stay up really long the other day so I thought I could today, but I feel like crashing. So wrong. When I need to be up I can’t.

Oh, did you hear? It’s 9 degrees outside right now. I’m not walking any further than I have to. Get to the doctor’s then come back home. 

I’m going to eat and hope that helps.

Later. Smile

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