January 20, 2011

More links and a story for it. :)

I'm back with something from somewhere else. See what happens when I make new friends. :)

Either way, it's a long story as to how I got to the link below. And since this is a blog, I can tell you. *Grin*.

Well here is the story.

I have started to use the program Trillian again. If it wasn’t for a few bugs that I keep finding each time I use it, I would have it posted with my list of other ‘must have software’ that I have over there on the left hand side of this blog. But I think I did do a blog about it and and other web based IM combo service named Meebo this a month back I think.

Either way, I’ve been having issues with sending files over it to most of my friends. Not all, just a few and it doesn’t matter if they are on the same network or not. So I just went and used their messenger and it didn’t make a difference. So It has to be something up on MSN’s side or something.

So for days I haven’t been able to share files this way and it’s starting to really tick me off. So I was trying again today hoping that it would just start working like how it just stopped, after I messed with my firewall of course. But no luck. But the file that my friend was trying to send me had and interesting name, and I wanted to see what it looked like.

So he sent me the link that he got it from and I was left to wander to find this pic because the site doesn’t have a search. Sad smile And it’s a big site.

So I’m slowly making my way through it and find some really funny stuff. I then finds myself looking at this one.

funny car photos - Dude, Where's My Car?
see more That Will Buff Out

It looks like a carbon copy of a pic I took up the block from me  on  Easternparkway. And here it is.



Ok, maybe not carbon. Smile   I guess I just looked at that angle and didn’t take the shot. Embarrassed smile

But the bottom shot is to prove that there is a car under there. I like to think that, that other person got the shot two days before me. Smile

Ok. I’ve messed up my sleeping pattern so I could go to sleep on time and stay asleep until morning, and it didn’t work. I woke up with all the bad feelings of my hives again. This is when I remembered that I was actually avoiding sleeping at normal times to odd cut back on how bad the hives attached me.

The joints in my fingers were really hurting me this time. At least my lips didn’t swell and I only had two itch hive spots this time. One on my upper thigh and one near the crook of my arm. And the sick inner feeling wasn’t so great also.

At least I got some bread pudding after I got out of my 45 mins shower. It was half heat therapy for the hives, they seem to go away if all over me is the same temp, normally very hot. And two, I’m going to try and find a doctor that takes my health insurance and go see them. My cousin said that I should see a doctor that specializes in allergies. Great. Where am I going to find one of those? Yellow pages I guess.

I’m thinking of printing out the pics that I have of me from when I use to break out a lot, but I think that I’ll save the ink until they ask for the pics.

Ok, now I have to go work on my posting my next chapter. It was suppose to be posted before 3am. It’s now 5:18am. Today may just be a very bad day for me.


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