January 14, 2011

My Gift

I was cold and I was about to pull on some tights (with feet) when I remembered what Hayden got me before we got something to eat that day. While he was inside getting something, he got me this. :) How sweet. I told him that I would send him a pic. I think he said something about wanting a pic of them on my feet, but that's not happening. He may see them on my feet if I couldn't find my white ones and we were meeting up sometime in the summer. :)

So here is a shot or two of the socks. I'm sure that I'll be back to let you know if they fit or not. :)

Oh, I haven't said anything about the movie we saw. We ended up watching "Black Swan". He let me see it since it was 'my birthday'. I liked it. It wasn't what I expected it to be, but over all I liked it. I know what Swan Lake is about. :)

When I got home the snow was decent. Not as bad as people were expecting or bracing for as you might have heard by now. But it was decent. I had illusions of coming back out with the cameria(s) and take some shots of the sparkly snow with no foot prints, but once I was inside and warm the illusion melted. :) I have some crapy phone cam shots that I may post later.

As you can see I'm on line. You most likly will not know this, but my mom has been all up in arms about me being on the computer after sunset on Friday night. She's SDA. I'm not. She doesn't want that to be true. Then there is that thing about it's her computer and her tv, she wants the tv off too, and they shouldn't be on unless what we are doing or watching has something to do with god. Great. That means we can't watch anything. I get on line at all because my brother sent me a laptop that she had nothing to do with. But even then I try not to in the same room with her when she's awake when I use it.

But this weekend is different. She isn't here. She's off to Conn. They are having a church thing, so she left this morning at 6am. It's just a same she's coming back on Sunday. I don't hate her. I just won't be turned back into a 19 year old because I'm not working and have to live with her while I'm going to school.

Ok, I'm getting off that since I came on here feeling happy. Cold but happy. :) Now I have to try on the socks and read over tonight's chapter to post it on time. :)

Later. :)
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