January 09, 2011

This is a gift to me.

It’s a bit early, but this is my gift to me for my birthday.

I turn 34, may the world help me, on the 12th of this month. I was going to ask when the 12th is, but since no talks back to me, I went to check it out for myself. It’s this week. Wednesday. Closer than I thought. I’m still living in, “Oh, it’s the first week of the new year. The 1st was just the the other day.” Dumb.

So, *exhale* what do I have to say? I’m going to the movies. I’ll see if Hayden can come. He can buy me dinner. Smile

I got my new one shot from my beta at the end of last week and I posted it the next day… so I got it Thursday I think, and posted it on Friday before my mom started to say stuff about the sun having already set.

Yes, that is still going on. I’m just happy she didn’t ask me about going to church with her yesterday. So the one shot was a HP (Harry Potter) slash (gay/yaoi) fanfic was posted at DA and FF.net. Firstly, I found out that you do put a ‘,’ before ‘and’. The the odd thing is that I use to do it, but when I first asked my beta to beta something for me, and she said it was not so. So I’ve spent so long taking out all of those ‘,’ that I almost think that I can’t stop, but I’m learning to let it to go now. But I think that I’m going to finish my other story with out fixing that.

Now as for the new story no one has said one word to me about the copy posted on DA. Not even a fave vote. As for FF.net, I got three faves there and one cute, little review.

What else? Oh, I’ve been playing with fractals for wallpapers. They can be found over at DA. One of them has gotten a hundred hits. For me that is a lot in less then a week. Smile 

Universe by ~jemgirl on deviantART

I posted something of a journal over at DA also. I didn’t feel like I had much to say over there, so I just posted some interesting views on gay marriages that I found over at FF.net. And over at scribd, I’ve organized my stories a bit more. I now have a folder for original works, HP fanfics and my Inuyasha novel. Smile Oh yeah, not all my HP fanfics are slash. Just two of the four. One is a very …. odd three some with Luna being the cause and another one that is mostly about Ron and Hermione with a bunch of different people learning about bits of it across three chapters. It started off as a one shot, but someone asked me to continue it. At first I just went with it, with out know what I could do, but I looking back, I’m glad I expanded on it.

Oh, that last story I talked about was done a while ago. It’s name is “Couple’s Conflict” and it can be found at FF and Scribd.  What did I call the one with Luna? I have to look.. brb.

Found it. I thought I had it on FF or Scribd but I don’t. I moved it from FF to AFF (AdultFanFiction) to save my FF account since I consider it ..ohh.. strong maybe? Embarrassed smile But now I have to add it to my Scribd set. Might as well. I just have to add page numbers to it along with some colour and better subject line weight.

Ok, I’m about to go and something gay story related. Sorry, I have a very narrow sets of interests with a guy here to distract and school being out. Smile Speaking of which, school that is, I don’t go back until the 14th of Feb.

Later people. Enjoy the rain, it’s better than the snow we got just after christmas. Smile

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