January 05, 2011

I’m Typing Today… yeah!

If you some how missed it, Happy New Year! Yeah, the hype is all gone.

That issue with uploading pics to blogger is still there. I’m sure it’s an issue with AT&T. And if I learned anything from the last time I had this issue with them and uploading to blogger is that I don’t walk into a store and ask them what gives. They had no clue what I was talking about. They do not get this kind of training. So I’m going to have to call in and see if someone there can help me if not at least know what is going on.

In the rest of my world I got my health insurance card this week. Monday I think. No it was Friday. I took it with me to party. So next week I’ll be going to see a doc some where about these hives things. I just hope it doesn’t mean that I’m diabetic now. Sad smile 

Over in Deviantart I’ve started to post fractals. A friend there, a very new one really, got me a link to this program Apophysis. Actually he just told me about it and I found it myself. It’s free and it wasn’t so hard for me to do something. Granted, off the bat I don’t have a clue of what I want to do, so I mess with a few thing that it gives me, then from there I use what I get to come up with something I like. It will be the day when I know how to show up to the program with something I know I want to make and know how to make it. Smile 

So I have a few of those fractals now. So I made a folder for them over in Deviantart and I’m quite happy with them. But then again, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have posted them.

My story is coming along well. I’ve posted a chapter every day since I finished school, today at 12:30am I posted chapter 13. I post it in two places. DA (deviantart) and Adultfanfiction (aff). I’ve also started to do some work on my old Inuyasha story. If you think I’ve stopped you were so wrong. I’m posting it in three places now. Because of my posting over at aff, I realize that I have to do some html editing since I’m uploading my chapter in web page format so it can keep my formatting and they don’t accept doc or openoffice files. I forgot what their extension is at the moment.

So I’m up to chapter 22 in one place and I went through half of them and fixed the error. It’s not a mistake, it’s an error in how different things show the same thing differently. So I’ve had to strip out almost all the things that made my spaces between paragraphs twice as big. I’ll finish the other 12 a next day. That site doesn’t seem to get much traffic so I’m good for a day or so… and if someone does tell me something, that will be great. It will be my first comment. But I’m sure I won’t get one. I have one person that has faved it there so far. Oh, for the record I have posted up to chapter 73 I think of my Inuyasha slash fanfic. I’m working on chapter 81 now. Which is sad. But what can I say. I had school. Maybe if I wasn’t working on “Love’s Love” then “Daddy’s Acceptance” I would have been done by now. Oh well. There is always the summer time.

Providing I’m not doing some kind of work. I’m hopping to have some kind of out the house activity other then school starting sometime this year. I just wish that it was in a publishing house. But I will have to try my ‘field’ first. I’m not completely over being an architect, I just don’t think I’m capable of doing the full title of the job. I’m sure that math class which is really called “Strength of Materials”  I what is throwing me. I joke that I can just pay and engineer to make sure that I come up with will stand, but I would like to know that I can do it. Also the test to become a licensed architect is very, very daunting. Sad smile Maybe that is why they wait so long to give it you. Let you get some experience first.

Depending on how much schooling you have before going out into the work place or when you stopped your continuing education and the number of years you have spent in the 'field’ determines when you are allowed to take the test. If you want to open your own company then you need to take it and I’m sure it could help you ask for higher pay.

Over to something a little funny.

On new years I danced and sang and it was almost like how it use to be. I don’t know if I didn’t hurt my back because it was better, or because I wasn’t flinging my body all over the place. Smile  Either way, on the way to club I was complaining because my shoes hurt and I was cold and snow was in my none snow approved shoes. But when I got there and very carefully used the bathroom, I was fine. Smile I should have kissed him then.

I forgot what I go getter I use to bed. I reminded myself a day later of course. I will go for it next time.

Anyway, I have to set up another date to hang out with Hayden. I think he saw my hair in curls for the first time Friday. He kept touching it. Smile It was odd but I was happy to have someone’s attention. Not that I wasn’t friendly with most of the girls at the party once we found the place. Smile I even had a nice chat with a few guys, but since most of them seem to know each other, I was a little left out, but they did try to include me and I did my best to get in there and talk to people also. I even sprayed silly string out of can. Something I can now say I have done.

I just think it I felt a bit on the outside because I turned down everything that had alcohol in it. I don’t want to drink, but there was champagne and rum spiked ice-cream and bottles of other stuff.

Hayden had fun. Just the ride home could have been better. We ended up on the same set of trains as these … I don’t even know what to call them. They were kids for sure. But rude, loud, disrespectful, annoying and in need of a back slap from who ever they live with. We had to transfer between three trains and they were there for each one and most of the time in the same car.

In the last one, I was sure someone was going to say something since it was on the shuttle there are only two cars and we were pretty packed in there. Even Hayden started to say something, but I tried to keep him quite. He doesn’t need anything ending up on record with him being a teacher and all.

I think that’s it. Smile  Oh, my mom, is still bugging me about going to church. That fight will rage on until I move out. There is now way to get around it.

Well there you go. My fist real blog for the year. Smile Take care people.

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