January 18, 2011

New Interesting Link

Hello world.

Yep, I've been out and about a bit today or at leas in the last 12 hours.

My friend over in Colorado has joined this band and he sent me a link of the music they make. I held on to that link for a while before giving it a look see and my ear.

I could tell you what I think, but I want you to go into this open minded.

Now, it isn't my cup of tea, but you may have liked it. Yes, I do drink tea. :)

Now for those of you who have a band or make music or sing and would like an easy way to have your own page and be reached by your fans or get new ones and you wouldn't mind selling a few of your tracks check out the video promo for the site my friend's band used. It's rather nice. I wonder if I can find one for audio books. :)

Once this blog entry has made it's way off of the front page, I'll place a link to the site, over on the left hand side, in the interesting links section.

New York City People!... Watch out for the freezing rain and the normal rain later. We get a high of around 40. I hope to not leave the apt. It might hurt me the day I have to leave this week to register for classes that start in Feb. :)

later people.


  1. i like this kind of music, they only need a kick-ass singer...

  2. I would have liked to have heard some one signing too. That was another reason I think I didn't like it that much. I kept waiting for a song that was never sung. But!... :) my friend said that he was going to be a vocalist so maybe they now will. :)

  3. yeah, i was waiting to :D
    i hope they will, and if you can post it again with some vocals, it would be great:)

  4. Totally.

    I'll bug my friend, if not haunt his journal. He's better at posting his life than I am. :)

  5. :D okay~

    then a link will do:)