October 26, 2011

Can’t do it now.. so tired, ….

and I have to be up early tomorrow.

The only thing about yesterday is that a black guy crossed the street sooner than he wanted to, to talk to me and get my number. All because of my big hair. Smile 

I was running late for school, so I told him I couldn’t stop. I wish it was someone that was more my type.Sad smile

ok… I guess I’m writing now.

Now before I switched over to today, I have to say that my rendering teacher thinks that I’m improving. I feel like I’ve said this. Odd. Well we did colours yesterday and other than not saturating the colour in the space I gave it enough, he liked it. Smile 

Now for today. I got one of four pages completed. Which is just as well since he gave me another section to draw. If I drew anymore I would have had to start back over. But I think that he gave me something else to do because I hadn’t gone that far in drafting up my other wall section.

I got up a little later than I did the day before since I didn’t really know what to do, and then I got lost in reading something that I found on line. Very not school related. So that would be why I only got One sheet done.

Last night I bought some grapes for two dollars that I got from this guy at school. I sell school supplies in my free time. Open-mouthed smile Not really. I got something called Friskit or something like paper. It cost me $13 for two yards I think. That is 6 feet by the way. So if anyone wants some in the class I’ll gladly give them some for a small money exchange. The trace paper I have anyone can have for free. Smile 

So I get home with my grapes last night and my mom eats almost all of them, so today on my way home again, I checked my pockets and found two more dollars so I got another bag. This time black seedless. Yesterday it was read seedless. That was a nice ‘invention’. You know people created the seedless grape right?

Oh, I seem to be now posting my poems over on DA now. They are well received it seems. I should post a fractal before I crawl into bed.

One last thing before I get off again. I got our optimum account fixed so now we have the optimum app on all our Apple products. We can watch live tv. scroll through a nice looking tv guide. Set up things to be recorded and watch On Demand shows/Movies. It also acts as I remote for the cable box. Smile 

Ok, that’s it. I’m out of here. Sleep well everyone.

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