October 06, 2011

I had a late start today. I just had to sleep in. I can not be sleep deprived. When I was tired from working two jobs, 8 hours each, I gave up dinner for sleep. Today I just needed to stay in for an extra hour.. Or two. I was there by 11. I woke up before 10. I was in the shower by that time.

Well I got my site plan done. Tomorrow is my last drawing class for my em shelter. When school closes, I'll ge getting my things to make my model. I would like to put it together at school, but ... But what? I'm taking the other drawing home to draw on my table top that I'm piuttingon my mom's bed... I'll see. Either which way, I'm get the parts tomorrow and I have a whole day, 9-3 make up class, so, I'm not drawing anything at school Satuday. :(

The weather has taken a dive and people are getting sick all around me at school. I'm still in good health, just cramps at the moment.

Well, Imm almost home. On th S. I got out early today. Later people. :)

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