October 08, 2011

So tired

Today I had my 9am to 3pm make up class.

We were there until 2:30pm really. It looked liked everyone made it. It was only like 7 of us. Oh... I remember. There was suppose to be one other guy. But he already said that he finished work at like 3am and 9am was to early for him to come in for class.

Well we broke for lunch and everyone went across the street to get subway. :) I got to use my subway card for all but one. I remembered after the first guy left. :)

It was a rather nice class even if I was falling asleep in parts. It's from 9am. I had my alarm go off at 7, then I couldn't get up until 15 mins later. I got my bath then I looked for something to wear. I tired on stuff and changed twice. In the end I wore a big red sweater thing, and I loosely call it a sweater, and packed a short sleeve shirt for when I left school since it was going to get really warm later.

My only problem was that the short shelved shirt was also shorter in length than I would have liked. I wore tights/leggings today to make sure my legs were warm on my way into class. I'm almost not worried about my ass being seen, but not my middle. So I walked around with in 80 degree weather with my fleece on and zipped up to just above my belly button while walking with my big sketch book, bag of scales and triangles and tools, then everything I got from the story to start my model and lastly by school bag.

At least I didn't have that big book from the class on me. I left it in my locker. I didn't want to lug that around with me. If I feel like I could stay up long enough to read it at home, I'll take it, but right now, I don't think that is going to happen. If I read it at all before our exam, this Thursday, it will be while I'm at school.

So I got home, stripped down, changed over to something lighter since I'm so hot, and see that the room needs some cleaning. My brother was here last night and he kicked/knocked some stuff onto the floor, and I have clothes left all over from the past two days. So I do some cleaning, but ended up eating a little of the sub that I packed from lunch and then fell asleep before I finish cleaning.

Now I'm up and watching my Chopped eps that the dvr recorded. It was only suppose to have one ep per week, which I would leave for mom to watch when she get's back, but I it looks like it's just taping all eps as they air. So I'm picking out the ones that we have already been seen and leaving the new ones for her.

Well time to do something for a bit.

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