October 24, 2011

Way Over Due

What was the last thing I wrote here? I don't know smile

I do know it’s been at least a week.

And even then I’m sure I held a few things back.

Like three weeks back or so I got my brother to take me into school for just after 8am. I’ve been measuring my other days by that, but I haven’t come close to that on my own. On a few days I was only there for like two hours.

Oh, I finished my first project for one of my classes and made a very bad model to go along with it. It wasn’t meant to be a sturdy as the others since I was trying to show how it would travel and come apart since I thought that was one of the selling points.

The teacher will be posting it, along with a pic of me that I’m sure I’m going to hate, and I’ll just point you there and you can see the others that were submitted at the same time. Now I think, as of presentation day, I had the most complete project and viable concept. Now I have work on the next one. A comuntiy center. You would think it wouldn’t be that hard. But I have a few things against me.

One, I don’t think I’ve really been in one. And two, I think we should stay a little away from making just a box of a building.

My other class that I was going in early for just … lets just say that teacher I was happy with for a most of last week.

Now it get interesting.

You saw my pic below right? The one of my grade in my only book class. I was feeling really happy with that class until my sister sent me a text to tell me that Nika wasn’t home yet. When she texted me that, It was already after 7pm.

So when class was over I was texting back and forth with her to find out what happened what was done and who was contacted.

In short, Nika never came home. No one she knew, from her friends to the girl next door, haven’t seen so the cops were called to help find her.

Then I get home  about 20 mins before the cops come back again and ask for something for the scent dogs to help find her. I came home to find her mother crying in bed, but when the cops came back, she had already left the apt to ‘look around’. She couldn’t stay still any longer.

Then a little after 10 pm, an hour after I got home, Nika rings the bell to come in. I thought that maybe the cops found her and let her buzz the bell. But no. She came walking in on her own looking tired.

When she rang the bell, her mother was on the phone, so we told her that she was home. Then the cops called her, and they came over to see her and find out what was going one and to return the pillow case.

At this point, we find out that she took the bus and got lost. You would think, oh well, that kinda understandable. But here is where it’s wrong.

One, she takes the train home. Two, she doesn’t know how the bus home and never have. Three, her mother asked her if she wanted to be showen how to get home by bus. She told her no, without even thinking about it the night before.

She told them, in such a way, that she got lost, that they didn’t believe her. This is when I find out that the night before another 11 year old girl was kidnapped and that they had called in extra people to help find her. They were searching parks and brought in the scent dogs. I don’t think I really knew what they had come before for, until then. Still. There was no look of guilt on this girl’s face at all.

The real story? Shifty Still not sure. She got on a B12, that doesn’t come anywhere near where we live, ended up on the G or E train some how, made her way on to a 2,3 train, that she should have taken hours before, and made it home, with a lot of walking in between.

Well, We had everyone that knew her, or my mom calling, when she was missing, then it spread just as fast once she was home.

The next day I went to school, but she was ‘sick’ and her mom called 911 and an ambulance came for her. Good Grief! What made that so perfect? At the start of the week if not the week before, a social worker came looking for her and her mom because she had missed so many days of school for the semester/school year.

We told them that this was going to happen. That she just can’t not go to school. That she had to go to sleep on time so she could wake up to go school. But no. And then her mother doesn’t push her to go to school anyway to teach her to go to bed on time.

Speaking of which. I have to be in bed too. I have to make up for not getting to school on Saturday. I didn’t have a class. I just go in for a few hours to draw and get my sketch book to do my home work for Monday’s class.

So I’m expecting to come home and find the social worker here one night and she will be surprised to see how much… input we really have with raising Nika.

I don’t know what else to say right now. But I’m sure I’ll think of something tomorrow. I’ll try again to add on to this in a new entry and let you know how my day went.

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