November 29, 2016

Not Much Happened Monday

Before I get to Monday, I would like to say that I did indeed end up making the stuffing Sunday night. :)

It had cranberries, mushrooms, and pecan pieces. :) I wasn't going to bake it, but my sister insisted. It came out quite well. The girl upstairs that wanted her share didn't come home until 'late' Monday night, so I had it heated up for her, for when she came to pick up Khloe.

In fact, Sunday was more exciting than Monday. Sunday I cleaned out part of the kitchen that I haven't gotten around to cleaning for months. In the process, I was reminded of some frying pans that I hadn't seen in ages, and I found a whole box of 6 boxes of chicken stock. I think I might have gotten them last thanksgiving. I really don't remember.

That whole place looks so much better now. Next, I have to tackle the growing plastic bag holding area that is growing out of bounds.

Now Monday.

I didn't get up early. In fact, I haven't since I stayed up to make sure my sister got home from some thanksgiving type party Saturday night/Sunday morning. As for going out for my walk, I ended up doing it later in the day. I was hoping to make it longer, but I just couldn't get myself to move that quickly. I got up, took a bath, and oiled up my skin so the cold wouldn't kill it and keep my feet from badly drying out, but I couldn't get myself dressed and out in good time to get back before Khloe got home from school.

I hate not getting back here in time for her drop off. Heck, I hate having them honk to get my attention when I am home, so I'm downstairs waiting for them to show up to keep that from happening.

So, I dumped all the stuff that I cleaned out of the kitchen on Sunday, normal trash, and some recycling. Then when Khloe got home, we took that walk. We went to the discount store. So we went downhill, three blocks. Walked a long block under the highway. We walked around Popeye's, then down three blocks.

Now I just didn't walk there because I wanted a walk and didn't want to take Khloe too far. My sister said that she wanted some of those big mixing bowls that look like mini bathtubs for babies. She is going to be making so much black cake, aka Christmas cake, for the office, that she can't use the blender. In fact, with all the cut fruit in there, the blade or paddle can't even move. So you will be doing it by hand in the end anyway.

So I got two of those big bowls for her. I should have taken a pic. Anyway. I also got an air spray, some birthday candles, because my sister keeps thinking that we have some for when she makes birthday cakes for the office. But we never do. So I got about 25. I got a 5 set of trick candles. I almost told my sister, but nah.. let her find out herself. :)

I got some cookies for Khloe, she picked them, since she didn't have any snacks left over from school. Normally she does, and she eats what she has before taking her nap. There was something else, I think, but I can't remember.

So on the walk back, I started to feel like getting a sandwich. So we went to White Castle, Yep, White Castle. It's across the street from Popeye's. We got green bean fries, and sweet potato fries. I got the veggie slider and I got a normal one with cheese for Khloe. Making her eat green bean and apparently sweet potato fries for the first time was enough.

She didn't get any of the cookies. I wouldn't be surprised if she forgot we got them. I'm not eating them in case you were wondering. They are chocolate chips. I don't like chocolate at all. I'll eat it in a Snicker just to get to the nuts. It's something I put up with, not go looking for. She'll get some when she comes by next time.

Homework wasn't that great. I even left her to it at 8 so I could start dinner. Which was a simple fare. I had ground beef with diced tomatoes, and three kinds of beans. That went with some pasta and veggies that I tossed in near the end to defrost and cook a little. That was it, but it was good.

To end off my day, I logged into Netflix on the computer and edited my account. A few days ago I started to see all these movies popping up in my recently watched list, which I would never, never watch. So I'm sure someone got into the account somehow. I cleaned them out. Changed the password and logged out all devices.

I then ended the night watching Poldark and playing Township. :)

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