November 08, 2016

Get This...

Two days ago I tried to turn on my computer. Yep. Tried. I walked over to it and I lifted my foot about 3 inches off the ground to push the power button on my CPU with my big toe. I heard the click... and then nothing. No beep, no light, no fan whirling. Nothing.

I bent down and pushed it again. And again and again. I walked away to do something else and when I came back I cracked the case open as I remember smelling something burning a few days ago and I didn't know where I was coming from.

I know you think that's odd. But it could have been a leftover smell from the popcorn or someone else had burned something and it slowly worked its way into our apartment. It has happened before. In the summer time, we are under constant threat of b.b.q. fire smoke.

Anyway, I'm thinking that something burned out in my computer as I open up the case. Once I have it open I start to think it's the power supply. I pulled out my power cord and pushed it back in. I checked where it was plugged in and it was getting power. I tried to turn it on again and still nothing. So I really think my power supply died. Nothing is turning on, so power isn't getting by, never mind into it.

Then guess what? Hours later my computer came on by itself. I just realized that I was hearing the fans and stuff and looked over. There was the nice blue light around my power button. I was thinking that I would just leave it on then since I didn't think it would turn back on again when I turn it off. But the first thing I did when I got back on was back up my new stuff. I had already taken most of my stuff off of it since I was going to reinstall the OS. I just hadn't gotten the CD yet.

After I got what I needed and did one or two things online, I left the computer on, but I couldn't leave it running. I never could and after a few hours, I told it to run a system clean and check and turn itself off. Of course, 10 hours later when I went to use it again it wouldn't turn on. I pushed the button a few times thinking there might be some sort of short I could jump if I did that. Nothing happened. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, it was humming again. I backed up my faves by syncing my Chrome and Opera accounts.

 I'm now typing this on my sister's mostly discarded laptop since my computer has not shown signs of life since. I'm tempted to take my CPU to another room and see if that does anything, even if my tv is plugged into the same place and is still ok.

Of course, this happens when two of the comics I help out with, in totally different ways, start posting again. So that is really why I'm brushing off this laptop again. It has two, but really one issue. The second being its OS. It's Vista. Yeah, a vista computer. I've never used this OS outside of this computer. The real big reason is that I have to tell the BIOS what day and time it is every single time I turn it on. Unless I leave it plugged in. Oh, another reason that I forgot about. I have to leave it plugged in just for power. The battery doesn't hold a charge anymore.

I have almost never used a laptop without it having to be plugged in since I've never had a new one to my name, so it doesn't bug me at all.

That's it really. I had bronchitis for like two weeks. I say I got it from my sister, she says I got it from Khloe and her mom. Currently, I'm being torn physically and mentally apart my cycle so I'm getting off the laptop now.


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