November 22, 2016

A Bit Happened Today...

Let's see. I went sleep a little late last night. But I still got up at 6 am. I was able to give my sister some stuff that she needed to do for me in Manhattan. So I didn't have my bank card today. But I had $44 on me. :)

I planned to go to the movies and I did, after I exercised. I didn't go out today. I have a smart tv so I got a fitness app and followed as best I could for just over 15 mins, then I stopped to save my heart. I was quite happy that I worked up a sweat and moved a few new parts.

I then went back to reading my new book after eating some milkless apple pie. :) I ended up needing and using most if not all of those calories once I got outside.

I knew it was cold, but the wind I wasn't prepared for. It just about pushed me back up the hill once I got down there. Oh, because I was reading my book, I got a slightly late start to leaving. I was hoping to go up the hill and catch the 39 to Newark Penn Station where I would get a sandwich, new/more bus tickets and catch the 1 or 25 bus to the Cityplex

By the time I got out there and on a bus half frozen, I didn't have time to do to Penn for anything, But I knew that when I left the house so I went down the hill instead of going up. I got the 1 and made it in time for the next showing at 12:15pm. And movie do you think I saw? :)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. :D

I actually expected to find more people there even though it was in the middle of the day. But no. It was just me and a couple. Today it seemed sad, but it's mostly that way when I go. Me and one or two or three other people. The only them I was new true, was when I went to watch Batman vs. Superman. That day the place was decently packed.

The movie felt a little familiar and I'm not talking about the opening theme that will make you remember every Harry Potter movie you watched. :)

Colin Farrell and the era had me remembering another movie I saw him not that long ago. Well, it doesn't feel that long ago. :) Winter's Tale. He was the good guy there but ... memory games and such...but I did enjoy this new movie. :)

I question what happened to his friend, but I had to look at it as 'history' and I was a less upset about it, especially after they ... I won't say anymore. :D

So the movie is now over and I have to rush home for Khloe, but I thought I had time to get that sandwich and tickets. I needed the tickets. But once I got the bus, after hiding from the wind behind the shelter, I knew I wasn't going to make it back here in time for her drop off. So I sent a text off to her mom, then once I was abit further along, I remembered that her aunt said that they call her too, so I sent her the same note. A few mins later she texts me and asked where I was and how long I thought I would be.

I didn't have a real clue. Taking the bus always takes forever when you actually have some place to be. I estimated 12 mins. If god forbid I had my own car, I would have been there in under 10.

So 15 mins later I'm getting off the bus and briskly walking towards the street that I had to walk down 5 blocks in 30-ish degree weather with a strong wind making it feel like 20 degrees. I got a text from the aunt asking where I was, So I told her I just got off the bus and was walking down. I'm two blocks from home, without turning the corner and walking the half a block to get there when my phone pings again. I left it alone thinking I'll be there soon enough.

I look over and there is the drop-off fan slowing down to pick me up. I did not expect that at all. I guess they felt bad for me out in that weather. I told them thank you and sorry for being late at the same time. When we got out, she tells me that Khloe is getting out early tomorrow. She will be home at 1. I asked if she knew why. She said that she thinks it has something to do with Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. I get to make stuffing. :) I liked that stuff before I moved to the US. My mom got it for us when we were little, well younger and I've liked it ever since. :) I have been known to eat it out of season. :)

Anyway, we got out of the cold since the porch is enclosed and there are packages there. They both have my sister's name on it, but I don't think she ordered anything. I could be wrong, but she didn't tell me to expect anything and she does. I'm sure they are for Canada.

Did I tell you about the 12 or so packages that showed up here over the course of two weeks for us to ship to Canada? I might one of these days. If I do, I may back date it. :)

So we bring the packages in and put them in my sister's room and I start on the oatmeal. I was cold and I was going to have oatmeal. I did get something to eat while I was out. I got some curly fries from the Cityplex. A small serving for almost $5. If I wasn't hungry I would have considered it robbery. As it was, I just considered them alittle pricey but they seemed a bit more than I thought at first as I ate them. So all was good.

I washed up all the dishes and put up a few things with Khloe's help. I even made enough oatmeal so we both could get some. But since it was too hot, she put it aside while she took her nap.

Outside of answering one or two things over at DA and reading two articles of news, that is how I got to be here writing this with Khloe behind me doing her homework. :)

See? I'm getting back into my groove of posting on here. :)


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