November 29, 2016

Tuesday was a given... then a wash.

I was told that Khloe would be let out from school around 12:45 today. Great. I was planning on going to the movies to see Dr. Strange.

Then Khloe said that her aunt would be home today. I confirmed it. So yeah, I could go to the movies after all.

I woke up a little late, but no so bad. What made it worst was the pure downpour of rain. I am cold enough in the movies without being wet too. I don't need to be that cold and wet to boot.

So I made an omelet and then came online after checking to see when would be a good time to go see the movie. The good slot was 2:30pm. But no. Still raining, and I'm cold now.

So ... going to fill the rest of my day somehow.


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