November 24, 2016

I'm talking about November 23rd...

Tuesday I didn't go out for my walk, as you know. I did some in-house exercises. Come Wednesday, my thighs hurt like I actually had sex again. Sorry if that was a little crude. But the last time my thighs hurt like this, I had sex for the first time back when I was 23.

I was late by choice. And I should really say vaginal intercourse. I've been with guys before and we did a lot of other things, but I never did anything that was designed to get a girl pregnant until then. Anyway, I was fine the day that happened too, then as I work up in the morning and just tried moving ... the burn in my thighs.

So, an oddly nice memory that I could have done without the pain. So I didn't do anything that day even though it was playing in my head that I should somehow work through the pain or it could be harder for me to get going again. Since Khloe was coming home early, I decided that we were going to go down the hill, three blocks, then walk along Elizabeth, about 5 long blocks, to the discount store and get a few things since I had some money on me.

We got there and took our time looking for stuff. I knew I had to get a tension rod for one of the windows. And perhaps a curtain. And some hand soap for the bathroom. The potato masher was a remembered thing. The mattress cover was something I knew I had to get but never remembered. I picked up a baby bottle brush, to help clean my dish rack, but I ended up putting it back. It had this bend in the handle I didn't like.

I got two more wooden spoons. I tried to get some curtains, but they just had those two piece frilly messes with frilly tie backs. You may like them, but I never have. I got some red wine vinegar and two over the door hooks for my coats and bags, I had tried some stuck on ones... they are all lies. They can't hold anything, at least not for long. One my way out I grabbed a vapor rub.

I spent quite a while thinking about taking a comforter. They only had a full king and queen sizes. I didn't remember that I borrowed my sisters when she was at the convention out of town and I had no issues with it being as big as it was until I was home again. So I'm getting the next one I see once the price is right.

I know I said I was going to get an electric blanket, but I haven't looked that hard and when I did see some, they weren't the brand I wanted.

So Khloe and I came back with the stuff and we stopped off to DD to get some donuts. She got something with sprinkles on it and had pink frosting all over it. I asked for a simple crawler and the lady didn't know what I meant. I described it to her as I looked for it on the shelf behind her. It wasn't there. That could be one reason she didn't know, but does this mean that in the time she has been working there, they have never had crawlers?

I checked the spelling. The full name is French Cruller. The ones that look like big truck tires?

They are like the only donuts that I really like and mostly only eat these days.

After we got back, Khloe said she wasn't tired, so we did some reading of some things she brought home from school. Things were ok until we got the fourth and final one. She started to have a meltdown over how to use 'corporation' in a sentence. So I sent to her nap after I got something correct out of her.

I think I messed with photos and such for a bit before starting dinner early. I had already decided to make potato salad with roasted hotdogs, but when I was prepping, I decided to toss in some radishes and some sunchokes into the mix. I didn't have much peeling since everything was one the small side, expect a few of the radishes and the sunchokes that needed peeling.

So there I was, scraping the skin off the sunchoke when my sister called to ask if I started cooking yet. I told her that nothing was hot, even though I had the eggs sitting in water on the cold stove. She got sandwiches. Great. I finished peeling everything and washed them off before I dumped the water out of the pot and put everything in until today. :)

Then I realized that I was only suppose to roast some veggies, make stuffing and do the chicken we got from the store for today. But my sister it was ok to have the salad there too.

After Khloe left and my sister came home and we ate, I was into the fractal making and photo editing. I got some good stuff. :) It felt odd and familiar to be working in Apo again after all this time. I have so much to remember with that program. Then I fell into trying to find the opening song from an anime I'm watching. I've been attacked and lied to by websites for at least 30 mins before I gave up and bought a cover of the song. I faved the vid over at youtube since I can't download the whole song that I want. The only place that may really have the song I want is iTunes. But I'm not going there.

There are some pieces of software that I don't want to install on here. At least not yet, if ever and iTunes is one of them.

It is a great song and I'll live with the cover I have of it, from Amazon, that I paid 89 cents for. :)

I'm heading out with my sister to  Manhattan on Thursday. JC Penny is selling a slow cooker for $7 at 3pm and we are taking the 107 bus over. It's going to cost us $6 that way, but that isn't so bad. :) We may get some curtains while I'm there. A comforter would be nice too.

I'll cook what ever when I get back.


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