November 20, 2016

Do You Remember Winamp?

I do and I clicked on the link I had at the bottom of the page and saw that they are ... going through something. See for yourself.

I had and used the program up until my computer rolled over and died on me. But it might be actually on it's way out since no one really downloads mp3 anymore. I tried to get back Banana Rama today because for some reason the one song I have from them stopped working, I don't know how and everywhere I went either tried to get me to pay for it and have it streamed to me over the established companies or tried to infect me with something.

I haven't tried to get a mp3 in a few years, 2-ish maybe. I have or had a streaming radio until a few weeks ago. I still do, but they won't play on my phone anymore unless I pay for it now. Everywhere else I can still play it for free, but for them to keep playing on my window's phone, where I mostly play it, I have to pay for it.

Since getting mp3s are no longer possible, I'm going to go see how much they are asking. If I can do it, I'll do it. I'll still have my mp3s on my phone for when I'm somewhere I can't get a signal.

Oh, my radio? Slacker Radio. :)

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