November 30, 2016

The Universe didn't like... plans for the rest of my day.

Somewhere around 6:15 or so this afternoon my sister calls to let me know that she was notified that the freezer was ready to be picked up.

In case I forgot to say, we got a new freezer because we got a new fridge. The fridge is just a fridge. There is no freezer part.

So now I had to unload the freezer and defrost it before it could go upstairs. No big. I do that. Wash some dishes, heat up some of the food. Some of what I put into the oven concerned me, but I put it in anyway. Then I decided to make some lemonade.

This is when the universe started to spit on me.

I had 'The 100' on, turned to watch it after I had the sugar and lemon juice in the container. I was shaking it help mix everything up and help to dissolve the sugar. Anyway, I turn around shaking it and three seconds after I look up to see what was going it, the container broke, fell from my grasp and exploded on the floor.

I stood there in shock for few seconds before reaching for the broken thing and then running into the bathroom to get some to absorb all this liquid. I was less worried about getting everywhere and more worried about it leaking to downstairs. And there is the fact that I don't own a mop and bucket. So I'm dabbing and pushing my sister's uniforms around the floor trying to get them to soak up the sugary liquid. The container was only half full at the time.

So when I think I got most of it, I called upstairs to see if they had a mop and bucket to borrow. And to think, on Monday I saw both at the discount store but didn't get them because my sister doesn't like them. I'm getting them the next time I go there. Which most likely will be sometime this week.

So the tub is filled with hot water and the mat that was under the splash is at the far end hanging over the rim. I then preceded to wash out everything that I just did to them so they could dry and not smell like dirty floor or lime or be sticky with sugar. I would have done a better job if I had more time, and I wasn't worried about my back giving out on me as I'm bent over the tub.

I still have a hot pot of water in the freezer melting away the ice that is clinging to the shelves. I go back to that, catch some water that was dripping out. Mopped that up, rung out the towels that I had in there to catch the water and ice and then preceded to pull the freezer out of it's 'nook', out of the kitchen and in out of the way of the new freezer and into the living room.
I then got the few hangers I could find and was about hang up some of the shirts that I washed out when my sister called. She was downstairs. Great. I called up to have her come down and help since they were getting our old one. I then went to get dressed and as I slip on my shoes I hear my sister along with someone else, pulling or pushing the freezer up the stairs. I open the door just in time to see as the freezer was flipped over end and onto our landing/floor. She then went back down to maybe talk to the driver and lock up. I hauled the freezer into the kitchen myself. It wasn't very, very heavy.

My sister comes back in and proceeds to cut the plastic ties over the box. But the time the girls come down from upstairs, the driver is already gone and I'm looking for a box cutter. I didn't even know that the mom was back. She must have shown up when I was in the bathroom washing.

I'm so upset that happened. If only I hadn't turned around. I'm not upset the container was not faulty. I'm a little upset at the lost of the ingredients. And the floor I don't even actually mopping. It's the fact that I had to use my sister's uniforms to soak up the mess. I haven't told her that is what I did. She would flip. I hope the smell 'normal' tomorrow. She hasn't asked me what happened, so I think she thinks I washed her some of her clothes for her. It was raining all day and just yesterday she said that she had less uniforms to wear than she thought a day ago. So I could have washed some on hand for her.

It's not impossible. I spent the better part of my first 15 years alive washing clothes by hand. So once again I hope they smell fine in the morning. If not, I'll just have to take them to laundry and wash them again. I just hate going up the hill. It hurts my back too much. I've been taking my calcium pills to help strengthen my bones, but I'm already 40, In a month and a half, So I feel like I'm just maintaining instead of building anything at this point. But I was able to lean over the tub longer than I could have before, so maybe going up the hill this week won't be the chore I'm dreading it to be.

Oh, the part of the food that I heated up before was bad like I thought. I tossed it. I didn't need food poisoning tonight too. I restocked the freezer. I had to take care of the plastic bag issue and sorted the paper bags from the other reusable bags that we have. And we do have a lot it seems. Everything that was on that side of the kitchen I put back and put all the stuff that was around the freezer by the door so that when my sister came down from helping them upstairs with their new freezer, she could take them out.

I turned on the heat, so at the moment there are two of her paints in here with me, getting very toasty and dry. I'm tempted to get about two more and put them on the radiator out in the living room.

Ok, I'm yawning here.


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