July 27, 2010

A shot of my bedroom wall. I'm going to have to change my maps soon since they changed so much this year. But that is not why I'm writing. I'm laying in bed and no longer on line. I was feeling a bit off after I ate some cereal. I'm surprised that I was even able to read over what I had written for the day. So I got off the desktop and let my mom on it now that she's awake.

I'm thinking that I might go on a long bus ride to a park up in Harlem and take some picks there. I might even try for the High Line again since I only got about one really got shot from inside the park. My batteries were dying on me. I hadn't recharged them the night before. Well if I go to sleep, I'll be awake later to check my mail and to post Inuyasha chapters all over the place and see if I want to end chapter 11 here. It will give me time to figure out how I want this odd set of events to continue. :) I think that I'll do that. But when I get back up. Later.

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