July 03, 2010

Bad Plan

I stayed up three hours longer than I wanted too because three hours ago I wasn't tired and didn't feel like going to bed to wake up feeling bad and I need to get these clothes to where I should have dropped them off at 3 or so weeks ago.

I'll sleep when I get back.

I found a review for Bella's new movie, while I was killing time. The twilight thing.

Well, I heard something of statues. I think about reading or playing the book over, as the case may be, but then I realized that if there was a time to start distancing the movie from the book in some places, it would be with this movie.

But they have been doing it all along so I was expecting it to be 'bad' as far as following the book went. They have even seemed to change the reason why Edward won't have sex or change Bella in this tacked on piece of the story.

I will not be waisting my money on this movie, but I will be seeing it in like a week or two on a Tuesday. I'm tempted to do a last showing at the Ziegfeld place. But currently they have Toy Story 3 there. I'll keep checking back.

Ok, time for me to get this 'trip' over with so I can go to sleep before noon.


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