July 17, 2010

Spending a little money

You already know that I made it to school on Friday to pay to re-register. That cost me $40 which I hear isn’t bad. I was then told not to buy two books because they are going to be changing. It seems that I won’t be able to get away with getting a used book for AutoCad class. But as I wrote this, I remember people saying that they didn’t need the book and last semester it was $90.

So I’m going to dig up the list tomorrow while my mom is at church and buy the one book I still can. I am taking 4 classes this semester, but 1 class doesn’t have a required book. Just a recommended one.

I walked out the door and walked right back in when I remembered Nardi. She’s one of the girls I was suppose to go to the movies with this week. Well she said that she didn’t get her report card yet. So I asked if they could tell her over the phone what she got. She wasn’t sure how well she passed if she passed at all. I think she had some issues with lateness and missing a class or two for all her classes. That is one of the reasons I don’t want to work and go to school at the same time.

Well, I asked and they said that she could call and they can find out why her report card never made it to her house.

So I’m back out the door and I walk over to payless. Hence the pic below. I walked in and went to my size. I was hoping to find boots to replace the ones I shouldn’t be wearing anymore and another pair to replace the shoes I was wearing. I looked at three or four repeatedly, but I ended up with one pair and they had not boots this time. Of course their sale didn’t really include anything that I could or would ever want to wear.

So I walked up to the cashier with my one box and saw some bags over to the side. I have been thinking for a while to get a more ‘grown up’ looking bag. So I looked them over. Tried to see which would most easily slip unto my shoulder. Which wasn’t too bulky but could hold stuff.

I then found a bag that I liked. It was brown and it had a looped strap that I could lengthen and it actually fit around my body. I’ve never had one that could. I know, you are going to stay that they are out there, but I don’t look. I know that. I hate shopping. Well I had to get over that today. I had the money. I couldn’t say that I couldn’t pay for it. Two I needed a bag and three I can’t say that I’ll find it at a cheaper price and with my luck I would never see it again. And lastly, I haven’t bought myself a bag in years I’m sure.

A year and half back my mom was buying some bags for my aunt in Canada and she said that she would buy me one too. I don’t remember what I was using back then if anything. So we walked around the fashion district for a couple of hours, and I helped her pick out a few bags, but I didn’t really like the ones that I saw for myself. My aunt loved the ones we sent her.

So it was time I told myself. I bought the bag that cost me $25.

image That’s my bag. It’s a “Carey Large Cross-Body by American Eagle”.

Not bad if I say so myself. I even stopped myself from getting it in black. I left the house covered in black, and I didn’t want to add to it.

The shoes were $16 and they feel decent.


They weren’t the ones I wanted to walk home in, but I did toss the ones I walked around in today. I have to stop hurting my feet. I know what you are thinking. No style at all. Well some style comes from the ability to walk. And I should be able to walk in these. Talk to me about the other kind of shoes when I’ve dropped 100lbs.

I did find out one thing. I’ve gotten too use to having some kind of a heel. I tried some flats and I foot was staying up in the air. I had to make myself press down to have it meet the floor. Very odd.

Well once taxes were added on, I paid like $43 for everything. I then went looking for some tights. Didn’t find them. What did did find was that a new “Bargain Hunters” had opened up on Livingston on the back of the mall and got some nice hair clips from them. Then I almost ran for the bus that would take me home.

Almost because, thankfully, the light stopped it for me. :)

Then it happened again. We were rounding the curve next to Grand Army Plaza and an older lady who was sitting next to me and just got on a few stops back leaned over and asked me if anyone had told me that I looked like that girl from the movie “Precious” I told her yes because it was true. She said that she had such a pretty face.

Amazingly that kinda made me feel happy. I just didn’t bubble over with joy because she had said Precious. I know it’s all self hate that most people don’t get, but I know that I’m not that pretty and when I saw the movie, I saw that we did look very much alike which just made the movie even harder for me to watch.

.. Well at this time it started to rain, and rain hard. My stop was just two stops away, so I knew I was getting wet. When I did get off I ran under the shelter and stayed there until it stopped, hoping that it would stop soon. It kinda did. About 3 mins maybe but I’m sure it was less.

Then I thought about how to get home. Did I take the bus that would drop me off one street above and two blocks away, or did I take the train that would drop me off at the right street but three blocks away? I was leaning towards the bus until I didn’t see the bus stop sign. I guess it was cut. I will have to check the MTA website to make sure. So I went for the train. Lucky me it didn’t rain again until I was home.

But I was sent right back out with trash, so I still got wet. The rain won. Today.

My sister asked for $15 for a fishing rod. I didn’t want to give it to her, but she kept begging me and swore she would pay be back next week. My mom had gone shopping too and brought back a few things including three house dresses for me.

I have this wrap that I’ve had for years that I got it St. Kitts, and well, it’s worn and has a few holes in it. So I was actually wrapping it on when she, my mom, pulled it from me and told me to put on one of the dresses. It’s not so bad. I’m stretching out the top with my boobs, but they are kinda held up too, but I don’t see that lasting for very long. Other than that, they aren’t that bad and I found a pocket. :)

Yes, I’m a simple child. :)

I had no mail so I turned off my computer today. I watched “Say Yes To The Dress” in the kitchen while my mom studied. Then I came back in and checked my mail, still nothing, so I turned it back off again.

Then somewhere between then, looking at my Deviantart notice page and reading one of my books that I ordered so long ago and going to sleep and waking up, I realized that the girl who updated like two times today, that I left comments for, hadn’t gotten back to me on my two chapters that I sent her days apart.

How does that work? Maybe she hasn’t actually checked her mail? Maybe she’s waiting for me to tell her that I sent the chapters to look over? Maybe they were blocked my her inbox spam filter and they were sitting her junk folder?  So before I started this I went over to Deviantart and told her to check her mail. Maybe by this time tomorrow I would have heard something from her on them.

My new friend Robby told me about his day. I know he got in late. I was laying in bed starting to go to sleep when he answered a text that I sent to his e-mail early this afternoon. In fact it’s the one just before this with the pic of payless in it. Since he said nothing about the chapter I asked he would read it the next day.

I kinda feel bad to ask him anything about the story, but that was why I got his e-mail address in the first place. Other than that, it’s kinda nice to have a boy e-mailing with me. I could use some more details about stuff, but I’m learning that no one is like my Larry. I miss him.

… Well I think that’s it. It’s 4:14am and I should be crawling back into bed, but without the dress this time. I can’t stand sleeping in things.

After my mother has left for church I have stuff to do. I have a room to clean, I have a book to track down and buy. I have some cards to scan for my sister and then I get back to writing my next chapter.  I will make it. I will have this story done before I go back to school.

Oh, this isn’t Inuyasha. This is something that I completely made up and living in the taboo world. Not that I won’t be posting it. I know I’m no where close to being the first to write something like this, but I’m not posting it until I’m done.

Well, see ya.

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