July 30, 2010

My Top Lip Is Swollen

... and I'm not taking a picture.

I was falling asleep on the bed in front of the fan and my lip started to tingle. I work up wondering what on earth happened. I asked my mom if my lip looked like it had swollen, but she said no.

Each time I touched it, it kinda hurt. So I went into the hallway by the bathroom and looked in the mirror and it was swollen. I went back and had her look at it again. Now she said it was swollen but it wasn't like that before.


So while I'm worrying over what caused this, mom asked me to go check on the cookup that she was making. I didn't feel like I should be putting anything in my mouth so I just tested the rice to see if cooked through. It wasn't so I added more water after really stirring it up.

Then mom went and got some to eat about 20 mins later, but it didn't feel that long to me, and said that it was done and tested fine. I said great. She told me to see if was ready. Didn't she just tell me it was good?

I told her that I wasn't going to be tasting anything now with my lip hurting. Besides, she said it was done and tasted fine. Turn it off. What did she do? She woke up my sister to have her taste the rice.

My sister then came to see what was going on with my lip. She said it looked like I had botox. I'm sure she meant a collagen shot. She left laughing after she told me that there was a mosquito in the apt. It bite Phillys (my other sister) and she got a bump on her leg. Right now I rather have the bump on my leg.

Well, I go so hungry, that I had to eat something. It's not very comfortable, but I think it's going down.

I'm thinking of going out tomorrow, but who knows. :)


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