July 01, 2010

Not well...

I'm not sure why, but I don't feel so well.

I know I stayed up late or early, how ever you think about it. And besides thinking that I should just stay up, I went to bed around 8am.

Why was I up that long? Writing. For once I can't blame my reading. I was writing. I have finished writing the one called "Love's Love" about a week ago now. I think I finished it before I went to Philly.

The oddest thing is, I don't think I can post this story at Devantart. Most of the people having sex, aren't 18 and over. Normally that would be nothing, but then this is the first time where they are actively having sex with someone who very isn't anywhere near their age.

Which I think is normal. Granted NY's age of consent is 17, but come on. People have been having sex with younger and older people for years. Most humans grew out of it, and they wanted everyone else to at the same time.

Now I'm not talking kiddy (porn/sex). I'm talking from age 15/16 up. And ofcourse all with consent... but I am drifting far beyond my point. My point is and was that not just 18 year olds have sex.

Ok... I'll getting off that rant now.

What was I really saying? Oh ya, not feeling well. Well I stayed up until I finished writing the 4th chapter of this story and then I went to bed. I woke up to use the bathroom I think and since it was 3pm I thought I should stay up. I then read over and fixed chapter 4. I knew it would have bits to be fixed, but I found some that I didn't expect. At one point I wrote Harry instead of Henry since I was watching Harry Potter near the end of my 'night'.

I had a small talk with a new friend of mine over at DA (deventart) and I sent him and another friend chapter 4 to look over. But I haven't heard from them and I don't even feel like posting the three pics I messed with.

I just feel out of sorts and my cycle isn't helping at all. I made and posted a new DA ID. I was going for a template, but I realized that it wasn't good enough for that, so I just made it for me.

Then I was hungry and it hurt. I hadn't eaten a thing and it was about 7:50, so I asked my sister who was on her way home to bring me some broccoli and beef with fries fries. By the time she walked in after 9pm I had given up completely and went to bed. When she came home just before 10, she woke me up to eat.

Two days ago I made rice, but I'm sure that my mom would not be surprised to see that no one has really cooked since she left.

BTW, she on vacation somewhere. I think it's in Canada. The church is having something. Conference I think, and she's just staying longer.

So I got a meal, woke up and ate it all down fairly quickly. The only thing that disappointed me about it was that she put ketchup on my fries. I haven't had ketchup on my fries in years. The sauce that came from the broccoli and beef would have been enough.

So now, I go back on line, looking for someone to talk to and no one has gotten back to me. I then asked two people who like BL/yaoi stories to read my story to give it a review.

So now I feel like giving up again and going to bed at a decent time. It's now 12:22am and as far I know, no one has sent me back any kind of message.

If I do go to bed I'll be up early enough to go to school and register and pick up some $9 shoes at the Payless sale a block away almost.

I was feeling kinda bummed that I didn't wake up early enough to do that, but I knew that would happen since I went to bed at 8am.

So I'll do one more check at my mail and at DA, and if I see nothing, I go to bed.


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