May 03, 2011


I found something that I wasn't expecting and completely forgot about.

I sent an e-mail to my blog. I fully expected it to post, so when it didn't I went to see if I had changed my address again.

Nope. That wasn't the problem. The problem? I had turned off the feature. *embarrassed*

.. but not as embarrassed as this girl who is currently playing 'Repo Games'. I got side tracked.

She said that Bill Clinton was a founding father that invented electricity by flying a kite in a thunder storm. ... How????

I feel sorry for this country.

Where was I? Oh yeah, e-mailing my blog.

Now before I thought that I'm just dumb for trying to mail to an address that wasn't set up, I remembered that I was having issues with it and turned it off. I just forgot to turn it back on. I have been busy with school after all.

So I'm going to resend a few messages, and then come back in here and change the dates so they will be in the right order.

Take care people.

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