May 03, 2011

It's Official

I'm still hung up on Pat.

I was out on Saturday. I went to school to draw, then I walked around taking pics, then I went by his house.

I know he's not there, so I was really going to go by to say hi to his mom and wish her a belated birthday and ask how Pat was.

I got there, and saw lamps on and thought that they were home, but no one answered the door, so I guess they were out.

The whole time I'm there, I keep seeing Pat opoening the door to let me in until I left. I hung around a few houses down the block hoping that they were busy and took a while to come to the door, but no luck.

So about 6 or so blocks and 100 photos later I had a small heart attack. I thought I saw Pat standing in front of with another girl. The height was right, the hair colour and type was right, then he turned around more towards me and I calmed down. It wasn't him.

It was then that I realized that I wasn't anywhere near to being over him yet and and it's already been a year. :(

Leaving for school now. I'll try and blog again tonight to catch you up on things.

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