May 14, 2011

Shopping Day Three

I got shoes (2), and a skirt. My sister paid for them, but she wasn't happy with me for showing up a week after the sale, so we weren't in the store long. I had picked up another skirt, but it was too much. The cashier rung up $68 for both skirt. The one my sister liked was $17, the other skirt made up the difference.

We told the lady that we got it from the $20 rack. She said that was the $20 and up rack. Great! I liked that skirt too. It came to my knee like the other one and it was all flowy and layered. Oh well.

I didn't make it to school today because I wasn't feeling well. The I tried to get there before they closed, so I could get my sketch pad but they were closed by the time I got there before I had to meet my sister at Payless.

So now I'm on the bus heading home and she's at Popeye's getting something to eat. She did not like my suggestion of taking the B45 home.

Oh, one last thing. I was in time to use my transfer for the bus ride home and I got my pills on sale. :grin:

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