May 21, 2011

They Keep Trying

I just changed the e-mail address that my blog has again.

It seems that they figured out what it was again and started mailing stuff to it.

I went to school today to get some home work done or just get my sketch book in case I got there just as they were closing, but it turns out that they had make up classes so they were going to be open until 8pm. Lucky me. :)

So for once I didn't draw, but did my estimating home work. Well some of it anyway. It's a project that we have to turn in on the last day of class which is also the day of our finals. I hope I finish. I'm so much further behind than I think I should be. So this weekend, I'm taking it up to the library. I need space to spread out to do this. But first I'll have to get some ink for our printer.

I'm going to swing by OfficeMax and see about their refilling thing. Then I'm off to the library. I'll try and get my butt up there come Sunday too. Yeah, I'm that far behind.

Sunday night I'm do some sketching, and come Monday, I can work on my dome. Yep, I'm still at it.

I may let you see what I come up with, for both classes. :)

This is my final week coming up. :) I'm almost there. :)

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