May 08, 2011

End of it all...

So in the end I didn't get the skirt.

Way to short. I like being in a skirt again, but I couldn't buy it. I could never wear it outside of my apt.

I did get the last shirt, with another one over at Old Navy. That last shirt turned out to be cheaper than I expected. $4. :)

Before, over at Macy's I got the shirt I showed, even though it don't look that good in the shot I posted, along with this pink and white open sweater thing. I have a pic, bit it's not decent. Sorry.

I also got two sets of twin sheets because we couldn't find the few that my sister had gotten us. After I get them my other sister tells me that she washed them. We hadn't used them, they were all zipped in plastic bags and she washed them. Not only that, she didn't tell us that she took them to get washed. I don't know when this was done, but I think it was a while ago. She could have told us and saved me some money.

So she just took our sheets. We are sticking with that.

Either way. I had a $25 'gift card' from Macy's to spend at Macy's, so that is how I paid for the two sheet sets and one shirt. Over at Old Navy, I paid for that myself. :) Oh, the other shirt over at Macy's went onto my Macy's card. My sister can pay for it for me. :)

I found a gourmet popcorn place, and got a mix of Macadamia nuts and caramel covered popcorn. Maybe my tongue is a bit off, because I taste salt. I expect sweet, not salt. But it's still good.

I came home via the 2 train and got some Chinese food... kinda. I got fried white fish, veggie fried rice and some french fries. This is the first time in a while since I've had that. I've been getting garlic viggies and white rice for ages. I like it, but I miss coloured rice and the french fries.

I'm the girl that goes to KFC for the wedges. I can't stand biscuits and I'm not as fond of meat as some people would think.

Ok, I'm going to bed now. I crashed after I got home and ate, then people woke me, and I stayed up to watch stuff that I recorded and ate some more popcorn and water. So now I'm going back to bed. I was only really up this long to do some driver updates on my laptop. This last one is taking forever. *shaking head*.

Night, or morning as the case may be.

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