May 03, 2011


Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 14:49:52 -0500

From: Jhoy's Phone


Message body The oddest thing just happened to me. I'm sure it was some kind of joke, but It's so odd that I really hope it was a joke. I'm walking towards the subway, an hour later than I wanted to really, and some skinny...14 year old comes over an tells me his name. I grin an say hi. He tells me his name again and I'm wondering what is going but figuer that he wants me to say his name. Fine. I said hi again and say his name this time. One of two things happened next. He either asked me what my name was, of if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I just know that I said no, and he asked me why not. I do not look that young. I told him that I was 34. He asked "So?". Then I just left. So???? What was that? Odd.

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