December 12, 2016

Adventures at the laundromat

I took my sweet ass time leaving the house today. I had no energy at all. It took effort to pour a bowl of cold cereal.

As I was packing things the sun was almost done setting. I saw darkness when I walked pass my window to get dressed which just made it feel later than it was. But I was going to leave before 5:15.

Which is why when I went to get a packet of ground beef out of the freezer, I left it when I realized that it was behind things. I've cooked it from a frozen state before and I can do it again.

I had to lift up the cart and clothes and slowly walked down the staircase that I really don't like to make it out of the house. Once I was outside I pushed myself up the hill. My poor heart.

It hurt going up, but once I was on level ground I think I recovered faster than I did the last time. Maybe.

Like I expected, the place was empty. Very few people are here on Mondays. Besides finding my hand almost frozen to the handle of the cart, everything went well until I tried to use this card the machines require.

First my card wouldn't work. I tried like six times. I got nothing but an error message on the read out screen. Then I tried to get a new card and the machine won't take my money. First time ever. Well maybe not ever. But you know what I mean.

So after a while of trying, with the attendant, I just gave her the money and she used her card to start my machine. Then when I was writing this the first time, I realized that I had missed the wash cycle to put in the Clorox 2 and had to start this post all back over again after I got some water to wash the Clorox 2 down into the machine.

Now they are ready for the dryers. And while they are in there I'm going to the store to get some corn meal and potatoes.

Later. Also. I wrote all this without my glasses. So I'll fix it later tonight.

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... Just fixed it. :)

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