December 05, 2016


Sunday my sister and I went to the movies, before and after we went to ShopRite. :)

We went there to get something to eat at the movies, then we did a more proper shopping trip afterwards.

A number of things happened. First the good stuff. It was a great movie. I lived in a fractal movie for almost 2 hours. :) I'm talking about Dr. Strange. :)

It's a great, movie. I didn't know much about Dr. Strange, and that might be why I'm not picking anything apart like I did for Superman vs. Batman, but I know I'm not the only one that thinks it's great. I repeat. It's a great movie and a must see. Now to get around to watching Civil War. I know. I jumped a movie.

So, before the movie, I met my sister at the store. I took my Bluetooth earbuds with me just to get some use out of them after having them charge for like 4 days. I plugged them in and just left them there. So I turned them off and draped them over my neck as I went into the supermarket. We got a sandwich and apple cider along with a bag of chips and got two small soup bowls to use as cups.

Everything is fine, but the place is packed. We ask the cashier and she tells us that it was welfare check day. I did not know. Learned something new. The 4th of every month and the 5th I'm sure, will be the busiest days of the months for this supermarket.

So we got to catch the bus to Cityplex. It doesn't take long. We get off, we go in, I pay for the tickets, $22 odd, and head in. We are the only ones there, and I'm not surprised. But we are so early, 20 odd mins, that not even the pre-show things are being shown on the screen.

So I'm getting comfy, taking off my coat, trying to get and catch my earbuds, and they are nowhere to be found. They are gone. I dropped them somewhere and someone got an early Christmas gift. I managed to forget about them until we leave and head back to ShopRite.

We get there and I went towards Customer Service, but they were busy, so we walked around and got stuff instead. I was kind trying to keep the number of stuff low, but once she said that she was getting us and Uber to go home, we ended up getting some juice that was going to leave behind. I just didn't want to walk up or down a hill with milk and juice cutting into my hands. At the end of it all, I went back to Customer Service and asked, as kindly as I could, if anyone turned in a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. My answer was, of course, no.

My sister said that I would be more upset if I had paid for them, and she's right. She paid for them, and she thought there were broken and she took so long to send them back that she had already written them off when I got them to kinda work for me. It was better than nothing, but it had glitches and I think the battery life was kinda short.

I still wish I had them, but they are gone now and there isn't anything I can do about it. Now the other 'bad' thing. My sister first went to the store to get one thing in particular. And we didn't get it. We were in the store twice and we didn't remember until after we got home. We spent over $80 and we didn't get one thing that we needed.

So ... that was mostly my Sunday.

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