December 06, 2016

I'll Make This Quick


It seems yesterday was the worst of my condition and the start of the end. I had a good sleep, even if it was from sunrise until 3:15 pm. Just 7 hours.

I woke up feeling pretty good and when I picked up the girl, I didn't have to keep her because her Aunt was home, but I also found out that she doesn't have school tomorrow.

It was around 45 degrees out, so I didn't walk out to the bus driver to find out why. Not that it really matters. Knowing why she's home, won't change that is.

He aunt called down and asked for some kidney beans and said that she wants to come down and look at my fractals. I've been waiting for her to come look at them for honestly months now. But it seems she wants them for gifts so now she's coming down. That made me clean up my room a bit. I still have a questionable corner, but on the whole, my desk and the area around it is good and Fribreezed. :)

I was going to start cooking at 6, but since I had to clean up my room, I'm going to start now. Not as early as I would have liked, but it should be too bad. I had the chicken out defrosting since morning. :)

What's for dinner? I'm thinking roasted veggies by way of broccoli, radishes, and bristle sprouts. And perhaps the squash sitting on the table before I find out it went bad later. The chicken is going to be baked too and I think rice is safe bet.

Ok. I'm out.

Later.  :)

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