December 20, 2016


Not much going on on my end.

I tried to make Johny Cakes aka fried 'Jamaican' dumplings. I think I didn't let the dough rest and that I used the wrong flour. 

So before I wasted all the dough that way, I rolled up some of it into small balls and tossed them into the chicken soup. 

The mom for the girl took forever to get home, kinda, Friday. I don't really mind that she was that late outside of the fact that she didn't tell me she was going to be so late. 

We got snow. I think it was Friday night Saturday morning. It looked good before the cars started to leave tire tracks in it. Saturday afternoon or night it got warm enough that it rained so just about none of it is left now.

My sister got me one of those copper frying pans. So far so good, but I think it was smaller than what she was expecting, and it a little smaller than the size I normally use, but I'm getting used to it. I used it Saturday and Sunday for dinner.

The girl's mother talked about buying one of my photos/fractals for someone and she was suppose to come look at them on the computer last week, but then called up a few days ago asking about them again like shipping should have it on our doorstep before christmas. It was the 15th or 16th then. She didn't show up to look at anything until the 18th. Clearly, this woman believes in miracles.

So without my glasses, I tried showing her a few things on the computer and explaining that there would be 2-4 days of a quality check for anything she got from DA unless she got one that I bought when I thought I would be doing this gallery thing. 

Then we saw prices like this for the ones that came with a frame. She wanted a frame too. 

The crossed out price is the base price plus the what I would be paid. The bold price is just the base price. So I'm not getting rich unless I get like 10 sold each day. And that's not even rich. That's ok. 

Anyway, she wasn't paying that or close to it, so she asked about the prints that I bought. Because she has this thing of having it ready by Christmas and I already had some on me that I weren't using. She ended up picking the one that her sister liked, and since I knew she didn't want to pay much and more than likely won't pay the base price I just about gave it to her for $30. And that is how I made my first sale. 

So sad. But you have to start somewhere. 

Then she told me that she would have to drop the girl off early in the morning because her sister wasn't going to be home. So I stayed up the night waiting for her to show up at 7:25 am. Or just about that. Then we went downstairs around 7:40 to wait for the school bus with the temp being around 23 degrees. 

I hate winter. I don't mind seeing the snow, but I despise the cold. Since sitting in the closed in porch was just as bad as being outside on the street, I took down the trash that I should have taken out yesterday, and brought the trash can back into the yard from the curb. They picked up the trash that morning around 4:30 am, along with the paper recycling. 

I then came back in once she was picked up about 10 mins later and mostly stayed asleep until 3pm.

Oh, I forgot something. The cakes. You already saw the pic below. 

For some reason, my sister felt like making cakes for a whole bunch of people this year. She's shipping one to my brother and his family at Fort Drum in upstate NY. And one is going to our half sister in Canada. The rest are local, but she's handing them off to other people to deliver. Those are the first 8. I think it was eight. We just made 4 more tonight and she says she still has about 20 more to make. 

Who are all those going to, outside of her coworkers? I don't know. Since I'm helping, I'll find out. Most will be done tomorrow. We ran out of supplies tonight or it would have been another double batch at least. Personally, I don't think she has enough soaking fruit to make all that she said she is going to do.

I made my quick chili tonight and I put it with baked steak fries. It came out quite well. Even with the chili tasting of ginger and garlic with sesame seeds. 😆 I used an Asian seasoning mix for the meat and veggies. 😋 I packed some of it with some bread slices and cheese slices, without fries, for my sister to have as lunch tomorrow. 

So, back to photos and frames. After the girl's mother asked about where to get it framed, she is hung up on getting it framed, that I looked up how much it would be to really get the size she got framed. Granted, it all depends on the look you are going for and such. 

And it seems that my taste is pricey. 😆 When I found a frame that I like and what she could afford considering the print she got was 20x30 inches, it was over at a place called 'Art to Frame' and it was just shy of $30. For my taste. For just a good dark frame that fits that size, I saw one for just under $20. I went back to check just now. 😊

I guess I could use that one too. If I priced it right, I wouldn't care if they got their own frame for it and they wouldn't think twice about getting a new frame if they really didn't like the one it was in. Ok, there's something. 

Oh, I read down the site a bit more and saw that they are coming out of Brooklyn. How cool. Oh, and it comes with hanging implements and a 'glass' of some kind to protect what you are framing. You get three options. I'll have to tell the mother about this. 

Oh, one of my aunts called last night. Lucky me I just "sold" something and could pass that on to keep from feeling like a failure. Yeah for timing. 😏

I'm out. I'm still reading John Carter Of Mars. 

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