December 10, 2016


I know I forgot to post on Thursday and Friday just past me by. I think I was still recovering from Thursday.

So Thursday I got three sockets changed out. One was worst than the rest when he opened it up, and that was the one that lead the way to getting the other three changed in the first place because it cracked on me.

My sister's ceiling got fixed too. They scraped off the peeling, dried, cracked plaster and paint and patched it with new plaster and painted over that once it was finished drying. They helped the process along by using a heat gun.

I was told they were going to be there early morning, but I didn't see them until after 2 pm.

I was also asked to prep for my sister so she could make a carrot cake. I grated the carrots for her. Took out her frozen buttercream frosting and I watched my light go out in my room when I was done.

There was also the burning of the circular saw that set off the smoke detector while I was in the kitchen grating.

Then when my sister got home, the little girl had already left and she kept pulling me into helping her make the cakes. Yep. Cakes. She was now doing two. I got away without doing much, but when the Egg Nog Cheese Cakes cooled I had to put it in the fridge. A big one and four small ones. The same for the carrot cake. One big one and four small ones. Those could stay out until she took them took work.

But before that, when my sister was still awake and waiting for them to finish baking, she brought up that she forgot to tell our landlord that we might need to have the hand railings taken down so the fridge would fit.

So much as gone wrong with this fridge.

We first went to BestBuy to have a look at it, then we went to P.C. Richards to see if they could do one better. We walked along a highway because we could see the sign from BestBuy. That was a few weeks back. After we got an Uber home that night, she went online. She really wanted to buy the fridge and freezer that day.

After she paid for everything, she found out her card declined everything because it was unusual for her to spend so much money at once. Well yeah. How often do people buy new fridges and freezers?

So the next day she is trying to get everything straightened out. That took a few hours and the reordering of things. So, fast forward to Friday 3am and I'm looking first at the appointment notice from BestBuy telling me that we have an appointment for delivery for between 8am and 12 noon. Then I get a new e-mail. "Your purchase has been canceled" What?! Ok... I check the ticket number to make sure it's the same one and it is, so ... What do I do? I print both out, place them on her bed for her to see in the morning. Put up the cakes, and came back to my computer to play two games on my computer before going to bed around maybe 5 am.

Now it's 7:55am, the sun is up and my sister is waking me up. At first, I thought it was because of the fridge and it kinda was. They were going to be here in minutes. I didn't understand. I then said that maybe the system glitched and it meant to say that the order was processed since it was being delivered that day.

So now I'm left unloading the fridge since my sister had to take a bath to get ready for work. I got everything out by the time we heard them arrive.

There was a little talking here, a little talking there. A few doors came off, my sister helped to move the tv and cable box to my room, which I put back on my own in the end, and $20 later there was a new freezerless fridge in my kitchen and the old fridge was downstairs on the porch where the landlord wanted it. Why? don't know. Maybe he's selling it for scrap.

My sister was gushing over the freezer when it arrived, but I was more impressed with the fridge as I now put stuff back and tossed stuff out.

Once I cleaned up the puddle that showed up while the old fridge was sitting in the living room, I was back in bed until 3:30 when I got up to wait for the girl to come home from school.

Thursday night was leftovers and I made some newly cooked chicken and veggies. Mostly radishes. That is what I packed up for my sister to take to work since she ate the lunch I gave for her late that day. I had the last of the pasta with a hot dog since I ate before the chicken was cooked.

Tonight was even simpler. Back to the hot dogs again and I had it on an onion bagel with pickled red cabbage and ketchup. She had a hot dog too and bread, but I don't know what she had on it. We split up since she was baking again and I didn't want to help again.

I think you have now been caught up. 😊


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