May 12, 2017

Long day and not because of work.

Yesterday was my day off. But I had an appointment with charity care to help pay for my trip to the emergency room and may my new primary doctor who is also from the same hospital.

The appointment was for 11 am, but the day I bet on the bus just showing up when I get to the bus stop, didn't happen.  So I didn't get a bus until about 30 mins later.

Then I get there and I tried to recall the lady 's Nam who I was to meet with. Of course I got it wrong. But I got it so wrong that they sent me to another building. When I got there and told them everything, they said that I didn't even have to give a man. Just tell them that I had an appointment with charity care.

So that is what I did. And they didn't recognize me. They same lady that sent me to the other place told me I was late. I was there 10 mins earlier.

Anyway, I had everything but the printout for my Paycard. I ran out of time to go back yesterday, so I dropped it off this morning at 8:30.

Hence the start of my day.

Later. My break is up.

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