May 02, 2017

Very Low Dosage

They work on the doctor, but I don't feel anything from the muscle relaxers. I don't expect all the stiffness and pain to go away, but I would like to feel something. 

It's called cyclobenzaprine in10mg tablets. I hoped it would lessen how tight the muscle was pulling on everything so I could have a little less numbness and go to sleep without tiring myself out from massaging my leg. 

If anything, I think I might have massaged my thighs into a good place which now makes me very aware of how much my calf hurts. It's harder to do that part since I have to bend my leg and that spikes the pain my thigh again.

Just took that hot shower. Can I say that I'm clean, I washed my hair again, but my calf/leg feels no different? I'm sure it all comes down to my weight which gives me a higher tolerance for meds and normal measures. 

I'm tempted to double up on the muscle relaxers, but I kinda feel that door opens up to something I don't want. 

I was suppose to go back to the hospital complex to get a primary doctor and also to go down to board street to get Medicare. But I'm very aware that I'm off work to let my leg rest, and give the pills a chance to do something. Relaxing isn't that easy since my leg hurts when I lay down, walk, or sit. Where is an anti-gravity room when you need one? But I'm sure that even that, with my luck, won't help me and cause more problems to boot. 

So while I bounce and roll my foot while massaging my leg as I sit here in pain, I'll try and post some pics that I got for here. 

See you soon. 

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