May 29, 2017

What is sad?

By being in a bar on your lunch hour drinking water. ... in Applebee's really, but sitting at the bar no less because they are so full.

Well maybe not that sad, but I'm starting to burn out.

A pic somewhere in this post shows how many days and hours I have been working straight. The next pic shows that my eighth day was taken away, and I now have a three day break.

If I can make it there. I felt tired yesterday day, but today is so much worst. It's memorial day and the weather is bad. Cold and raining. I had to ask security to give me a lift from the bus stop to the building so I could get to work on time and dry because I didn't want to turn back to get my umbrella and the upside to that, is that I caught the bus almost right away.

I actually looked at the line today, outside the fitting room. It cut right through the men's department. So long. We need more rooms. But to get more, we would have to buy the space next door and remodel. 😁


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